Ensuring compliance and controlled operations

Being the leading pan-European provider of payment and transactional services, our clients need to be able to rely on us at all times. That's why we ensure compliance with all applicable laws, industry standards, rules and regulations. In addition, we focus on operational excellence and ensure controlled operations. Since we are a systemically important infrastructure, we are supervised by both European and national oversight authorities. 

To ensure controlled operations, we operate according to the 'Three lines of defense' model. 

Three lines of defense

  • 1st Line: Business functions

    The first line of defense is responsible for implementing, monitoring and reporting on risk, compliance, internal controls, security and business continuity

    2nd Line: Risk and Compliance functions

    The second line of defense supports the Business and provides management assurance. Key activities are the developing the policies, monitor and report about the implementation and raise awareness on these topics.

    3rd Line: Internal Audit function

    The third line of defense provides independent assurance on the effectiveness of the first and second line of defense.

Compliant and certified for international standards such as ISO, ISAE and PCI
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Compliance with applicable national and international laws
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Complying with relevant industry standards such as SEPA and card schemes
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Supervised by European and national oversight authorities
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Internal Audit

Internal Audit is setup in equensWorldline to provide an independent assurance by examining and evaluating the adequacy and effectiveness of the Company’s system of internal control. equensWorldline management has a responsibility to its stakeholders to increase the value of the business while safeguarding the assets and ensuring the integrity and continuity of services provided to our clients. This is accomplished through a system of internal control designed to provide assurance that:

  • applicable laws and regulations are complied with;
  • instructions and (corporate) guidelines approved by eW management are applied;
  • the company’s internal processes are functioning correctly; and
  • financial and management information is reliable.


eW Internal Audit is an integral component of this system. eW management relies on Internal Audit for providing audit assurance on the effectiveness of internal control processes and recommendations for required improvements of internal processes.

Hierarchically the Head of Internal Audit of equensWorldline reports directly into the CEO of equensWorldline with a dual reporting line to the Chairman of the equensWorldline Audit & Accounting Committee for accomplishment of Internal Audit’s objectives.

A functional reporting line to the Head of Worldline Group Internal Audit ensures alignment of professional audit practices, methodology and tooling with Group Standards.

Mandate, responsibilities and core processes are described in the annually updated equensWorldline Internal Audit charter as approved by the equensWorldline CEO and endorsed by the equensWorldline Audit & Accounting Committee.