Providing pan-European reach and consolidating payment processing in Europe

Our strong and unparalleled European footprint allows us to offer extended capabilities, services and reach. What’s more, as the leading payment services provider in Europe we proactively contribute to the shaping of the new payments landscape, by supporting and participating in European standardization projects.  

We are one of the key initiators of EACHA , the European Association of Clearing Houses, which drafted the EACHA Instant Payments Interoperability network. In addition we participate in various task forces (e.g. ECB , ERPB , EACHA) to ensure risk management, clearing & settlement, standardization and interoperability of payments across Europe. And beyond.

In this context we support TIPS, the Instant Settlement Service initiated by the European Central Bank. Our European and national Instant Payments Clearing and Settlement Services will be connected to TIPS, thus providing easy pan-European reach to connected banks and PSPs through one technical interface.  

Furthermore, we’re one of the initiators of CAPS – Convenient Access to PSD2 Services . This initiative aims to make PSD2 work safely, in practice and at scale for all. It is an open forum that proposes solutions to the technical, business and operational issues faced by potential PSD2 stakeholders across Europe.

We believe all these projects and initiatives are focused on innovating and improving the (instant) payments industry, enabling seamless, secure and efficient payment solutions across the world.