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Equens introduces Dutch SEPAklaar.nl campaign

Paul Jennekens

Manager Marketing

22 October 2013

Equens introduces Dutch SEPAklaar.nl campaign


Today we launch the SEPAklaar.nl [translated, ‘SEPA-ready.nl’] campaign to encourage Dutch companies and organisations to get ready for the migration to SEPA. This campaign targets SMEs that are likely to miss the SEPA migration deadline, February 1st 2014.

We are aware that more and more organisations are consciously participating in the SEPA migration. However, we also see that an economically important group of companies and organisations, mainly SMEs, are not making headway in preparations for the unification of the European payments market. SMEs often do not have the knowledge or the financial resources to hire external experts. Therefore, SEPA does not become a priority or receive the attention it deserves. By introducing this campaign, we want to raise awareness around the deadline and also draw attention to the conversion solutions available.

To make migration to SEPA easier, Equens introduces ‘Zakelijk Betalen en Ontvangen’ [Business Payments & Receipt]. This service offers a reliable and solid solution for businesses and organisations that need support with the migration. Zakelijk Betalen en Ontvangen consists of three services that business and organization can purchase either individually or as a package:

  • Formaat Conversie [Format Conversion]: The current format in the Netherlands for transfers and direct debits is ClieOp. Formaat Conversie helps convert payment systems to the new SEPA format, PAIN.
  • Transactie Aanlevering [Transaction Delivery]: When implemented this module businesses are enabled to send transactions to one or more banks via Equens.
  • Rekening- en Verwerkingsinformatie [Account & Processing Information]: This service complies with SEPA standards and is on par with the trusted, VerwInfo report. The advantage with rekening- en Verwerkingsinformatie is that business can continue using the same VerwInfo report they have become accustomed to for their internal processing and payments. This limits costs and simplifies migration.

With only three months left in the migration, it is important to assess what needs to be done and seek support. There are many solutions available that will help your organisation be ready in time. In most cases, the number of adjustments needed for SMEs are limited and will be a lot less time consuming than trying to work through problems without SEPA in place after the deadline has passed.