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Help us to keep the blog debate going

Help us to keep the blog debate going

Marcel Woutersen

Senior Communications Consultant

26 March 2014

Help us to keep the blog debate going

It may be hard to believe now, but as little as 18 months ago the awareness of Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) among businesses and consumers was disturbingly low. With only one and a half year to go before the actual introduction, the majority of companies had not even heard of the SEPA, let alone that they had started preparing for the transition.

Experts emphasized the necessity to start migrating as early as possible, but the economic situation forced many organisations to prioritise on cutting costs instead of investing in future-proof payments systems.

These circumstances made us decide to launch an online platform that would share best practices and create awareness about SEPA. The blog has played an active role in the debate; experts were interviewed, we have shown practices from all over Europe and kept readers up to speed on the latest developments.

At the moment, SEPA is in a sort of twilight zone; the official introduction took place on February 1, but the European Commission decided to give companies six extra months before the old payments will be rejected.

Obviously the need to build awareness has passed, but there are still very interesting news developments around the topic of SEPA. In the coming months, SEPA will therefore remain a prominent topic on this blog. During the course of this year, however, SEPA will finally become a commodity.

Where does that leave this online platform that we have come to cherish over the past months? The blog will stay; we have learned that there is a need for payments professionals to share ideas and insights. However, we will introduce a broader range of topics, to ensure a lively stream of content and discussion.