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The concept of Super Apps is coming to Europe!

The concept of Super Apps is coming to Europe! 

Cassandra Neron

Product Marketing Manager – Authentication Services

Have you ever paid attention to the number of applications you have on your smartphone? 20? 30 maybe? It can be challenging to manage all these applications every day and a waste of time for you. For example, it can happen that you don’t remember your logins and passwords for each application or you never open the right application for the right need.

A solution to that is Super Apps! This concept is just starting to come to Europe, and maybe in a few years, we will have only one Super App to do a multitude of things! Thanks to this, no loss of time or difficult access. Everything is centralised in one Super Apps. Let’s explain Super Apps! 


What Is A Super App?

Super Apps is a concept that has emerged from Asia. A Super App is a mobile application that offers several services to users. For example, instead of having many different applications on your mobile phone, with each one offering one specific service, you will have a single Super App that combines many business and communication services (for example, food delivery, banking services, messaging app and so on). Moreover, it means that all services are centralised in one database; that’s why there is a strong need for identity management, authentication and mobile security.


Examples Of Super Apps

One famous example is WeChat which has created a single environment that meets all your daily needs with integrated mini-applications. In these Super Apps, it is possible to shop, play games, communicate on social networks, place food orders and so on. Moreover, WeChat provides a wide variety of payments service: quick pay, QR code payment, web payment, in-app payments, credit solution and official account payment. Thanks to that, WeChat has over 900 million monthly active users!

From this, we can already highlight that Super Apps are an ecosystem built around different financial services and different payments services.

Super App race in Europe

And this principle of Super Apps is coming to Europe! Many of the application we use every day have the goal and strategy of becoming a Super App. Some great examples are Lydia, Klarna, Revolut, Curve, etc.

Consider the example of Lydia, it is a well-known application which provides a mobile and digital current account where customers can receive, spend and manage money. It has the goal to become a Super App by offering different financial services: mobile payment, free transactions abroad, shared accounts, instant loans, paying a friend, insurance and so on.

However, before becoming a Super App, some elements are  essential to integrate:

  • Data & mobile protection,
  • A wallet for identity and payment management,
  • Partnership and in-house services,
  • Multiple payments methods and,
  • Multiple authentication methods.


That’s why Worldline meets a clear need for these applications!

  • Mobile and data protection must be met with our WL Digital Security Suite. This solution offers local and remote protection of your customer data and devices. 
  • Future Super Apps also need to offer different authentication methods that combine security and user experience. This is where WL Trusted Authentication will fit by protecting any users with secure and innovative authentication factors.
  • To go further,  creating a wallet for identity management will also become a necessity! WL Digital Identity can be a valuable solution  to secure access and sharing attributes between parties.


Finally, Super Apps are surely the future of applications as we know them today. This is why we want to support these applications in their strategies. Worldline  can offer a multitude of services that are essential for these future Super Apps.

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Cassandra Neron – Product Marketing Manager – Authentication Services