EBAday 2022 is just around the corner: existing trends evolve, new ones emerge

Understanding future trends and strategic development of the European payments landscape: that is what EBAday, one of the leading payments conferences in Europe, is all about. This year, on 31 May and 1 June, EBAday will take place again as a physical, face-to-face event in Vienna. Worldline will be present at this seventeenth edition of EBAday as a partner, hosting and attending various knowledge sessions and welcoming the attending delegates at booth #28.

Digital banking: rebuilding the customer-bank relationship

No one expected the strong consumer adoption of new digital channels including e-mail or Chatbots. This mode of operations has brought banks to restructure entire customer facing processes.

Did you know that blockchain can support local communities?

It’s one of the great challenges of city management and urban planning. You know that some actions would help your community, especially if adopted en masse. But how do you get them to do it? Laws and rules about what to do and not do have their limits, as do appeals. It’s time to find another incentive. Meet Koins and the Community.

Open Banking Beyond Banking How Open Data offers a multitude of solutions to insurers

The development of Open Banking in Europe and the rest of the world has accelerated the trend of moving towards increasingly open access to all types of data. As a matter of fact, consumers more and more expect – and regularly even demand – that their data can be transferred and accessed through flexible but secure ways, across different service providers. Insurers can use this development to rebuild the relationship with their customers, who have become estranged from them.

Account-to-Account payments: What are the main benefits?

The deployment of Open Banking enables account-to-account payments, based on the usage of the PSD2 banking APIs, to grow in popularity. According to our evaluation, Account-to-Account payments (A2A) are predicted to cover around 30 % of all e-commerce payment in Europe within the next five years. But what benefits does this new payment method offer to consumers and merchants compared to traditional payment methods?