Our bloggers

Annemieke Lambregts

Annemieke has been working for the company since 2003. As Senior Communications Consultant and spokesperson, she actively supports the positioning of Worldline as a leader in the paytech industry via numerous communication channels - both internally and externally. To enhance Worldline's positioning in the financial services sector, she works closely together with marketing and subject matter experts. 

David Daly

With over 20 years of experience in tech, David’s passion is how innovative technology solutions can enable new experiences, business models and operational efficiencies. He manages the Worldline Discovery Hub which connects together payments experts from across the group to identify key payment trends, publish thought leadership, deliver innovation workshops with clients and build proofs-of-concept. He has authored two books and is a Fellow of the British Computer Society and Chartered IT Professional. 

Edward van Dooren

Edward started working in payments in 2003. He gained extensive experience in the field of payments in various roles. In his current role as strategic advisor, he focuses on monitoring the European payments industry, developing the strategy process within equensWorldline (including strategy execution) and M & A. His passion lies in achieving an easy, secure and efficient payment system.  

Elena Di Simone

Elena has been working at this company since 2011. Her current role is Senior Communications Consultant. As a spokesperson, she is additionally responsible for media contacts, press releases and other means of communication to keep stakeholders and third parties well informed about future developments of the market. 

Eric van Vuuren

Eric has been working at this company since 1996. His interests are developments in the field of innovation, internet and mobile payments. For several years, Eric worked as a Consultant / Business Developer in the strategy department of this company. In his current role, Eric focuses on the changes and opportunities that present themselves through innovation, new technologies and regulations. 

Gavin Copeland

Gavin has been working at Worldline since 2019. He initially joined Worldline as a software development Project Manager, working on international projects within the MTS division. Interested in innovation, new forms of payment and financial inclusion Gavin now works as a Product Manager for Digital services where he develops Digital Banking and Open Banking products which help Worldline’s customers tackle these subjects. 

Hazal Aktepe

Hazal works as a business consultant for Digital Services products in the German, Austrian and Swiss market. She has been working for Worldline since 2015. She started working for Worldline as a trainee in 2015 and after that took the role as  Business Development Manager. For the past two years she has been working as a Business Consultant. 

Henrik Hodam

Henrik Hodam has been working for Worldline since 2001. In his current role as Head of Open Banking Products is responsible for the various set of Open Banking products like Account-based Payments, Credit Insight, Green Banking and SEPA Proxy Lookup service. He has experience in mobile and digital areas in various markets like the payments, banking, transport and telecom industry 

Lisa Hennebelle

Lisa has been working at Worldline since 2006. She has been involved in various positions: first in the operational teams, then in business development and now in product management. She is currently Product Manager of WL Trusted Interactions, a solution designed to enhance communications between international bank advisors and end-customers. 

Marcel Woutersen

Marcel has been working at this company since 1990. As Head of Head of Communication Financial Services and spokesperson, he is responsible for Internal and external communication within this Global Business Line.  

Mathieu Barthélémy

Mathieu has been working at Worldline in Digital Banking teams for 10 years. He started as a software engineer before spending a number of years as a team leader in Mobile Banking Apps. Interested in topics such as user experience and customer journey, he then joined the business development team. Nowadays, Mathieu works as a product manager on the Digital Banking Platform, a solution designed to support Worldline’s customers in their Open Banking strategy. 

Michael Steinbach

Michael Steinbach is Head of Global Business Line Financial Services of Worldline and CEO of equensWorldline SE. Furthermore he is member of Worldline´s Group Executive Committee. Next to that, he is involved in national and international payment committees. Earlier, he acted as Chairman of the International Payments Framework Association (IPFA) and member of the supervisory board of Deutsche Bank Nederland NV. Michael Steinbach was one of the responsible acting managers on the mergers between the Dutch Interpay B.V. and the German Transaktionsinstitut fuer Zahlungsverkehrsdienstleistungen AG which led to the incorporation of Equens in 2006 and between Equens and the processing part of Worldline, resulting in the creation of equensWorldline SE in 2016.  

Michael Schilder

Michael has 20+ years of experience in the account to account payments area. As a payment consultant and in product management, he has extensive knowhow within instant payments, batch credit transfers and direct debit solutions, including value added services. He has comprehensive experience in determining the needs of clients/communities and translating these into usable solutions. Michael is currently responsible for the global development and innovation around Clearing & Settlement services within the Worldline A2A portfolio. Contact Michael for the Worldline ACH services, locally, EU cross-border and globally. 

Monique Dijkman

Working in the payment industry for many years, Monique Dijkman, Consultant at equensWorldline, is responsible for Card Payment solutions. She represents equensWorldline in Europe in several organisations which develop card payment standards, Nexo, IFSF and Acquiris. 

Olga Wasniowski

Olga Wasniowski has extensive knowledge in the field of payments, having worked on several products related to card issuing, online transaction processing, banking payments  and Open Banking throughout her career. Her particular area of expertise is in helping businesses manage their operational and financial challenges. 

Paul Jennekens

Paul has been working for this company since 2006. He has gained extensive experience in the payments field in various roles including Head of Product Management. In his current role as Head of Marketing at Worldline Financial Services, he is responsible for developing and implementing the marketing strategy and tactics with the main objective of becoming the leading payment processor towards financial institutions in Europe and beyond. 

Pierre Calvet

After having managed back-office organisation and systems for FX, MM and FX-Options in a large French bank, Pierre has been working for 20 years in the payments industry as a business consultant and business developer. He is responsible for defining and marketing our “Payment & Liquidity Management” software package offerings. 

Raphaël Feillet

Raphaël is responsible for strategic decisions regarding the WL Conversational Platform, through market awareness and technical feasibilities. He supports sales team with collaterals and trainings, and gathers their insights for further product developments.
He graduated with a Master’s double degree, completing his Master in Marketing and Sales development with a Master of Management. 

Sheri Brandon

Sheri currently is the Chief Market Officer for the Northern and Western region within Worldline Financial Services and has been with the company since 2020. Sheri has been in payments her whole career and was at the base of shaping the rulebooks for Sepa payments and the cards framework. Sheri holds a BSc in computer science and is a strong believer that technology makes everything better and that this has been the big driver in shaping the payments industry to where it is today.  

Thomas Feiler

Thomas Feiler is Senior Strategy Manager of Worldline's Account Payments division. In this role, he is responsible for the development and innovation of the global account-to-account transaction processing strategy for Worldline Account Payments. Previously, he build up and led the Product Management department for Worldline's Account Payments division. In this role, he was responsible for the development and innovation of transaction processing and PSD2 products and services for banks, payment service providers, and central clearing and settlement management infrastructures. 

Tom Nijenhuis

Tom Nijenhuis is Managing Director of equensWorldline NV, a subsidiary within Wordlline Group with a particular focus on providing regulated payment processing services to clients in the Dutch market and other countries. Tom has been working within Worldline Group and its predecessors since 2003. In previous positions he was responsible for strategy, mergers and acquisitions, corporate development, legal and communications. The various positions he held enabled him to gain a lot of knowledge and experience in the European payments industry.   

Tom Wijnen

Tom Wijnen has been working for this company since 2001. After the management and development of several Dutch payment products, he has been involved in the establishment of the SEPA portfolio of this company. Tom has extensive knowledge of the payment system and has done work for the European Payment Council. As a Product Marketing Manager, he is responsible for ePayments, eMandates and Corporate Payment Services. 

Valentine Horstmann

Valentine has been working in digital and eCommerce since 2007. Passionate about innovations and digital trends, Valentine has joined the digital banking team as product manager for WL Conversational Platform. In her current role, Valentine focuses on new offers, customers’ needs & user experiences to fit the evolution of conversational experiences.