The three main additional challenges for A2A payments in physical stores

In this blog, we will specifically look at the usage and user experience of A2A payments in web shops vs physical stores, the payment guarantee, and the interaction with the existing payment infrastructure.

Account-to-Account payments: What main challenges we have to solve?

Like for all new payment methods, we also see multiple challenges before this type of payment method will become mainstream. Let's take a look at the main challenges.

How To Design A Chatbot Conversation

Why do they seem limited, and how can we make them (almost!) as effective as a human? Here is how to design a chatbot conversation.

Open Data: Driving Forward a New Generation of Customer Services for the Insurance Industry

In an increasingly digitised world where self-service has become an ever more popular and in-demand customer request, the more traditional engagement methods seen within the insurance sector have been shown to be flawed. With Open Banking leading the trend of increasingly open access to all types of data, how insurers interact with their customers and their platforms can unlock substantial potential.

The concept of Super Apps is coming to Europe!

Have you ever paid attention to the number of applications you have on your smartphone? 20? 30 maybe? A solution to that is Super Apps In Europe!