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Seize the opportunities of XS2A

Seize the opportunities of XS2A

The Payment Services Directive 2 (PSD2), which is considered to be the most disruptive legislation in years that will be reshaping the financial industry.

The main objectives of the Directive are to have a more integrated and efficient European payments market with a level playing field for all payment service providers (including new players). The PSD2 needs to be transposed by the EU countries into national law latest 13 January 2018.

As industry expert, equensWorldline has been actively working on PSD2/XS2A since 2014, aiming to help the industry to make PSD2 work in practice. 
Our XS2A services help banks (ASPSPs) and Third Party Providers (TPPs) to become a compliant provider of XS2A services, and also enable them to reap the benefits PSD2 brings along.

We invite you to read more about our XS2A-offerings, and to watch the animation below.