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Taking Instant Payments beyond the obvious

Taking Instant Payments beyond the obvious

We believe that Instant Payments will become the new normal, and that Instant Payments are going to revolutionize the way Europeans pay. At first it will start to develop among individuals for person-to-person (P2P) payments. But ultimately, Instant Payments will be introduced in a wide range of use cases. 

equensWorldline developed four Instant Payment use cases, showing that equensWorldline is taking Instant Payments beyond the obvious: from solutions for consumers (P2P and online) and merchants (point-of-sale), up to solutions for corporates (optimized liquidity and cash management). 

The 4 short videos below briefly demonstrate the plethora of opportunities created by Instant Payments, and how we can help our clients to bring fast and efficient Instant Payment solutions to their customers. For all clients who are looking for Instant Payment solutions, we are geared to support them along the full value chain: from payment initiation and channel solutions, to back-office processing and clearing & settlement. 

Taking Instant Payments beyond the obvious – a plethora of opportunities

In this video Mark Munne, Senior Product Marketing Manager at equensWorldline, explains how equensWorldline is taking Instant Payments beyond the obvious. He briefly explains some possible use cases: from P2P and online, to POS terminal solutions and corporate cash management.

Smart Instant Payment POS terminal solution for merchants

equensWorldline also brings Instant Payments to the store. This video explains our smart Instant Payment POS terminal solution, re-using the existing payments infrastructure: customers can simply make an Instant Payment with their existing bank card or with their mobile phone via NFC.

P2P and Online Instant Payments with a smart mobile app

In this video Mark explains our smart Instant Payment Mobile app, which enables easy and fast Instant Payments from Mobile to Mobile (P2P) via NFC or simply by scanning a QR code. This app can also be used for online purchases in a web shop.

How Instant Payments and PSD2 can optimize Corporate Cash Management

The combination of Open Banking and Instant Payments creates a wealth of opportunities.
This video shows how automated liquidity management becomes possible by making use of Instant Payments and Open Banking APIs.