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New whitepaper about payments platform transformation

New whitepaper about payments platform transformation

The payments industry is rapidly evolving. Over recent years the topic of payments has risen on the agendas of BigTechs, smaller FinTechs, and challenger banks. The current technological and regulatory environment created a number of unique opportunities for these players to take advantage of. At equensWorldline we also notice a big buzz around our services and offerings, mainly created by our clients and prospects, typically the traditional banks. So, what are the challenges and solution options for the traditional banks to survive in this dynamic world of payments?

Challenges for banks
Navigating these uncharted waters, banks are challenged on their traditional value chain by two driving forces:

  • The struggle for banks to retain customer relations through innovative front-end services in an environment where both challenger banks and tech giants are vying for the end-users’ attention;
  • The demand for increased efficiency and scalability as a way of lowering costs of non-differentiating operations in the back-end.

If banks want to remain relevant in the modern digital era, they need to change and develop along with the times. Banks should always ask themselves the following question: Are payments a strategic product for the bank? If the answer is yes, then the next question should be: how do we support this strategy best?   

Whitepaper: how to drive the necessary change to banks’ payment platforms
Based on our extensive experience and in-depth conversations with blue-chip banks, equensWorldline developed a whitepaper “Enabling innovation through payments platform transformation”. This whitepaper examines how a rapidly changing financial environment is urging banks to rethink their business strategies and back-end operations. In the whitepaper, we present a string of key elements and options for banks to consider when driving the necessary change to their payments platforms. Amongst other options, we position advantages of treating payments processing as a commodity and making use of the competencies and infrastructures of a specialized third party provider – thus getting payment processing as a service.

Download whitepaper
Interested to read further and understand the arguments favoring one or another solution option? Download the whitepaper here.