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equensWorldline supports improvement of employability in Utrecht (NL)

equensWorldline supports improvement of employability in Utrecht (NL)

equensWorldline signed a commitment to support Utrecht’s efforts to optimize employability in the region.

The municipality of Utrecht has started an initiative to tighten the ties with business and educational institutions in the region, with the aim to achieve a sustainable solution for the employability problems in the Utrecht region. In this respect, the mayor of Utrecht visited our company several months ago.

During ‘Dealmakersdag’ which was organized by the municipality of Utrecht, numerous companies, educational institutions and government bodies agreed to join forces and support the initiative of Utrecht. The aim is to improve the employment possibilities in and around Utrecht in a sustainable way by jointly investing, sharing knowledge and ideas, and developing new forms of education. The focus will especially be on sectors such as education, healthcare, ICT, building and technology. One of the initiatives is to set up a Tech community that will help to attune the mutual needs of business and educational institutions.

As a corporate socially responsible employer, equensWorldline – with its headquarters in Utrecht – recognizes the importance of this initiative. Therefore we decided to actively support it. Our contribution will mainly consist of sharing knowledge, exchange ideas regarding education needs and employability in the future, providing internships for students, giving presentations to students, etcetera. Our participation will help us to position ourselves as interesting employer in the region, as well as attract young professionals and new good employees, which is very important (and not easy) in the tight job market.

Evidently, it will take time before this initiative will take concrete form. However, we are pleased to be part of it and jointly contribute to a sustainable improvement of the employability in the region.

The website of Gemeente Utrecht provides more information about the ‘Dealmakersdag’ and the initiatives within the ‘Werk voor iedereen’ program (Dutch only).