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Instant Payments 

Taking Instant Payments beyond the obvious - a plethora of opportunities

Smart Instant Payment POS terminal solution for merchants

P2P and Online Instant Payments with a smart mobile app

How Instant Payments and PSD2 can optimize Corporate Cash Management

Instant Payments; a unique full end-to-end solution

 Instant Payments: Rip and Replace

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How WL Access Control Server can secure all your transactions?

Strong Customer Authentication at all times

Banking Customer Journeys – Reinventing Digital Experiences Across Channels

Banking Customer Journeys – Connecting the dots for Professional Customers

Digital Banking: Banking Customer Journeys – Extending Customer Experiences Beyond Banking

Banking Customer Journeys – Planning a Trip with your Conversational Assistant

Webinar: Reinventing customer experiences 

Card issuing: distinguish yourself with 1-Click 

Conversational Banking opportunities


How to to simplify authentication for your clients?

Solving complexity for different kind of transactions in the payments industry

How Worldline secures every online payment?

How to reduce the complexity of payment processing

How to maximize the benefits of Instant Payments?

XS2A solutions for banks and TTPs

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Identity is bigger than payments  

Approaching Sibos 2019

 Real-time demands a new way of thinking

 Is combining old and new worlds the answer?

 Instant payments becoming the new normal

Money20/20 Europe 2016 - Gilles Grapinet, Atos, Worldline & Michael Steinbach, Equens

 Global Instant Payments world is a matter of time

 PSD2/XS2A as a source of customer value

 Finextra-equensWorldline interview about PSD2

  Taking back control of European payments

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 equensWorldline is recruiting!


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