Choose the best software to modernize your payment infrastructure

In our global economy, consumer expectations are continuously increasing for anytime, anywhere payment availability. With new delivery channels and new products, consumers demand innovative, easy-to-use and dependable payment instruments that are widely accepted. 

WL Pay is an advanced software licensing solution that combines functional flexibility through parameterization and self-customization capabilities with proven production stability and industrial scale. It represents the best choice for modernizing your payment infrastructure and meeting your customers’ expectations.



WL Pay is a proven open platform for end-to-end electronic payments designed to support the evolving industry standards for channels, schemes and card products. WL Pay is a fully integrated modular system with the following key modules:

  • Card management
  • Online Acquiring, Switching and Authorization
  • Real-time Fraud Detection and Prevention
  • Dispute and Case management
  • International Schemes Clearing and Settlement
  • Supporting bonus and reward systems

Designed around Service-Oriented-Architecture (SOA), WL Pay provides flexible integration capabilities to IT enterprises through a combination of web services and traditional protocols. Its modular SOA components can also be easily deployed independently within an existing architecture to add targeted value.

WL Pay is an open platform running on Linux/Unix, using relational database and Java technologies.

Our value proposition

  • Innovation:
    Our innovative solutions are capable of providing clients with new products and services without compromising performance, scale and reliability
  • Industrial Transaction Processing:
    Being a strong committed software vendor we are not just selling a product but are also deploying the mission-critical software internally
  • Time-to-market:
    WL Pay provides self-customization, extensive parameterization and integration capabilities for independent developments of functional extensions
  • Competitive TCO:
    Clients benefit from our huge experience to optimize use of the hardware infrastructure based on our own processing demands
  • International Compliance:
    Rely on us to ensure compliance with new and updated industry standards for acceptance channels, card systems and card products, including PCI-DSS and PSD2
  • Dynamic deployment options:
    As Europe's #1 processor our clients can benefit from our dynamic deployment options BPO, Application Management, Hosting and Licensing, depending on their cost and time-to-market demands

More than just products


Our WL Pay Portfolio

WL Pay Front-Office

Acquiring & Switching, Terminal & Channel Management, Authorization, Transaction Security & Integrity 

WL Pay Online Watcher & Fraud Case Management

Real-time Fraud Detection, Near Real-time Fraud Detection, Rules Management, Fraud Case Management 

WL Pay Issuer Back-Office

Card Origination & Lifecycle, Transaction Processing & Clearing, Exception Handling, Cardholder Self-Care 

Software as a flexible engagement

For financial institutions seeking to deploy an in-house payment platform, selecting the right vendor in a highly competitive and commoditised payments software market is an increasingly challenging task. To help them choose and make the most of their vendor partnership, this article discusses a holistic approach to the successful selection process for long-term benefits and value creation.
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WL Pay

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