Secure your information assets and use them for business purposes

Companies hold a lot of information of great economic and strategic value. This capital must be protected at all costs. The unauthorized disclosure or use of these sensitive data might have serious consequences for a company (tarnished reputation, loss of confidence, loss of intellectual property elements or even competitive advantages). The emergence of banking fraud and data theft along with the use and sale of personal data have made it necessary to implement standards and regulations for protecting consumers.

Digital convenience, which is becoming the new norm, underlines the importance of Data Privacy. Data is very often not under control, nor safely kept. Back in 2004 the PCI DSS scope was designed to ensure banking data protection. Besides, since May 2018, the GDPR enforced the legal use of personal data, imposing a number of challenging process and procedures.

To assist companies to help them managing their most strategical assets, Worldline has developed a solution called WL Sensitive Data Protection. This solution caters for both banking and personal data.


  • Solution available to customers through a secure network (Software as a Service) offering
  •  Solution scalable providing high availability
  • Developed on specific servers to allow for constant monitoring of security and application upgrades
  • The technical architecture consists of five technical layers capable of handling batch and real-time processing
  • Flows are received on application firewalls so customer certificates can be checked
  • Authentication operations are performed by the middle tier

Value for our clients

  • Designed for all entities (banks, retailers, merchants, governments) who need to protect sensitive and personal data. Sensitive data is any information related to an identified or identifiable individual; (e.g. name and first name, date of birth, biometrics data, fingerprints, DNA…)
  • Enables data security, easing the customer journey, data centralization/ merchant referential, data analysis, safe data exchange between different entities

WL Sensitive Data Protection

Our state-of-the-art solution processes and retains all forms of data, guaranteeing its safety and protection.
The solution offers two different data protection methods:
1. Anonymization: Irreversible process meaning that data are not retrievable but safely stored.
2. Pseudonymization: Reversible process, meaning that data is retrievable at any time.

Our solution enables a selection of different features:
- Integrated Priority management (withholds personalized information)
- Activity management monitored via a Web-based interface.
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