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Business isn't one size fits all. We are aware that every industry requires a customised solution and that each customer has specific needs ranging from digital disruption to incremental changes. Learn more about our value proposition for your industry and how you can create complete digital experiences by leveraging the full potential of Worldline Digital Services.

Financial Institutions

In a saturated market, financial institutions must actively make the most of bank data to personalize and optimise their offerings/services based on the client’s preferences. This applies to retail, corporate and private banks. We guide your digital transformation to better and consistently meet and exceed end customers’ expectations with innovative tailored digital services anchored around customization, trust and loyalty.

Greater digitalisation of processes, delivery of superior customer experience, design of digital marketplaces, innovation in partnership with Fintechs and reduction of complexity of customer services are some of the reasons why banks are already receiving the benefits from digitalisation projects supported by Worldline Digital Services.


Fintechs and start-ups set high standards for accessible, affordable and innovative banking services, in a nutshell, it means being committed to providing digital first, transparent, convenient bank products. Fintechs have an edge in building banking value propositions due to a digital-native core infrastructure and a focus on building customer centric businesses but speed is essential to survive.

We provide you with the ability to become a Fintech and give your customers independence in managing their finances all along their financial life moments. It takes less time for Fintechs to scale up when collaborating with Worldline Digital Services and relying on our suite of API capabilities and cloud based services.

Merchants and Corporates

Merchants and corporates are also going digital and look into creative solutions to re-connect with their end-customers. At the same time, solutions need to fit into their existing systems and tools. Our digital solutions can help you on multiple levels with a smooth integration into their systems: managing customer relations including SMEs, accessing inventory and capital, elevating the treasurers’ role, enhancing client engagement, accelerating onboarding processes and extracting business intelligence by connecting to multiple accounts.

It is a great opportunity for merchants and corporates to reduce friction, improve payment processes and reduce the time to execute manually driven processes by moving into real time services.


Logo Société Générale

Société Générale was experiencing an overflow of interactions between clients and advisors in their digital channels.

The bank was in need of a more efficient solution to replace the former one. A solution that could segregate and prioritise the requests, giving clients a fulfilling answer with a minimum of waiting time and without compromising the client/bank proximity. The solution also had to help the customer service team have a clear overview of the requests and know exactly how to easily reach internal experts if needed.




Logo Hello Bank

Hello Bank! is the online bank of French national bank BNP Paribas. They face a strong competition from Fintechs such as N26 or Revolut. To stay relevant in this very competitive market, they needed an app that was on par with the ones offered by their competitors and were looking for a mobile application that would create a truly innovative, simple, intuitive customer experience.

Portfolio mix

Blockchain Solutions and Digital Currencies

Blockchain technology has unleashed new possibilities of reshaping legacy systems.
Its implications are profound for significant parts of the global economy. From small early pilots to full-scale industry-wide services, Worldline’s Digital Asset Management solution can help drive a new phase of growth across a broad range of economic sectors. 

We provide the prefect foundation for our customers to build enterprise-grade digital currency settlement services and payments infrastructure where large degrees of coordination and trust are critical.

We empower use cases such as CBDC, stablecoins, closed-loop multi-party ecosystem, and more.
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Open Banking

One of the most disruptive and innovative developments in the payments industry is Open Banking. It lays the foundation to improve customer experience and drive innovation. 
As a pan-European player, we offer a broad portfolio of Open Banking solutions, from Access 2 Account services for banks and TPPs to Premium use cases, empowering banks and third parties to improve their services and underlying processes for end-customers. 

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End-User Banking Experience

Mastering customer interactions is key to delivering personalised services in line with end users’ expectations. Take up the challenge of moving towards personalised customer journeys and increased customer engagement. Great service never goes out of fashion and new technology can ensure great service is provided in new and innovative ways. The key is blending the efficiency of technology  and automation with the appropriate human interaction.

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Trade Order Management & Financial Data Services

Our Trade Order Management offers a global and open brokerage platform for all types of orders: equities, derivatives, OTC products, and investment funds. We also offer Worldline Stock Market Data that aggregates market data from all major global sources. These solutions can contribute to the success of your online financial services.

Our state-of-the-art trading facility (OMS) provides you with access to all market data will help you gain competitive advantage and market share.

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Identification and Authentication

Identification and authentication are essential to fight fraud in online services and improve customer conversion rates. Worldline helps you seamlessly identify new online customers and authenticate them at each stage of their journey, whatever the channel and whenever they need to do a sensitive operation. We do this while ensuring compliance with all international and local regulations. Our reliable solutions - ranging from identity verification to strong and trusted authentication - will guarantee security at each stage of your digitisation journey.
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