Enrich Customer Journeys with Conversational Experiences

During the last decade, the increased usage of messaging apps and the rise of voice interactions have reshaped our digital interfaces.

Whatever the business field - banks, retail, transport; healthcare or other sectors - conversational interfaces will undoubtedly become the new standard to interact with trademarks and businesses. This is enabled by Natural Language Processing technologies offering a smooth and natural way for end users to raise their demands.

Adopting automated interfaces such as bots is simple. However, in order to provide a real conversational experience several important things should be taken into account, such as design, security, ultra-connectivity and data enrichment.

To support our clients in their conversational strategies, we have launched a dedicated product aiming at reducing investment risks and costs while improving time-to-market. Being a longstanding partner of numerous banks, our solution is natively designed to guarantee data privacy, traceability and security, especially for sensitive activities related to personal data or payment processing.


Conversational interfaces: a new way to engage customers!

Designed to answer basic questions or to manage more complex transactions, conversational interfaces represent a new way to engage your customers. This video showcases how a conversational experience could enrich end users’ journey but also how it could be used to optimise the daily work of customer support teams.

Our WL Conversational Platform in a nutshell


  • Pre-trained conversations

    Formulations, sentences, answers already trained and integrated in the solution to fasten the time to market with only personalization workshops with clients. In addition to these pre-trained conversations, you can also use our conversational expertise to define and build custom conversations and address specific use cases.

    • FAQ: Transform existing list of frequently asked questions into conversations and tedious searches into natural exchanges.
    • Daily Banking: Use simple conversations to offer day-to-day banking actions to your customers.
    • Financial Coaching: Help your customers reach their financial objectives and better understand their expenses.

    Intelligent Conversation engine

    Able to manage conversations, understands the user’s intention, and gather the required information to provide a relevant and complete answer.

    NLP agnostic solution

    The solution relies on an NLP solution. However, the WL Conversational Platform is able to switch NLP engine to provide the best level of service and ensure the preservation of trained corpuses.

    Standard Connectors

    As critical asset to retrieve banking information and provide secure workflows, the WL Conversational Platform provides standard connectors to the bank IS.

    Administration console

    Bots are new ways to interact with end-users and need to be regularly trained. For that purposes our Conversational Platform comes with a set of tools enabling our clients to follow the activity of their bots (ie. dashboard showing the ranking of the most requested features, metrics on sentences not understood or the volume of escalation towards humans) and to update their behaviors by enhancing the corpus for instance.

Value for our clients

  • Reduced costs of customer care by streamlining the most tedious customer service tasks and deflecting repetitive questions from agents
  • 24/7 customer support, enabling consistent and instant answers across multiple conversational channels
  • Reduced attrition rate and improved satisfaction levels by delivering tailored insights and contextual advices to ultimately foster customer engagement
  • New cross-selling opportunities thanks to enriched customer data
  • Improved brand image

They trust us



Plan a trip with your Conversational Assistant

Find out how our Digital Banking solutions (including conversational coaching and voice assistants) can help you to easily engage your customers with tailored insights and personalised tools, without compromising security.

This infographic explains how our Conversational Platform will boost your business and help you to make the most of fast-moving market trends and needs.

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From omnichannel support to tailored financial coaching. Learn more about WL Conversational Platform and download the brochure.

Download WL Conversational Platform brochure

This whitepaper highlights the knock-on effect from more digitally enabled markets on consumers’ expectations and preferred methods of interactions in banking.
Download whitepaper Bridging Human and Digital Experiences in Banking

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