Meaningful customer experiences that keep them coming back

Listen to your customers and make their experience memorable, special, enjoyable and worthwhile every time they reach out to you. Create strong relationships with them by taking your contact centre to the next level and act on repeat business and your company’s bottom line. WL Contact is a reliable and intuitive omnichannel solution that provides your clients and your staff with a unique, meaningful and seamless experience using our cloud contact centre software.

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Intuitive omnichannel solution for secure end-to-end customer journeys




Boost agents’ efficiency

Our solution helps you in your worlforce management. Agents can learn how to use our omnichannel interface in less than two hours. Its ease of use means agents can increase their engagement, save time and maximise their productivity. All this thanks to AI support.

Agents offer support and answers to queries  in real time- for example over the phone or through web chat- and provide an engaging, efficient and consistent experience.

As an example, the average e-mail processing time is reduced by about 20%.




Customised to your business

In case of changing circumstances our interface can easily and rapidly be adapted to the new situation. A quick self-administration option is available as is the possibility to efficiently integrate the interface into your existing infrastructure.





Scalable cloud

WL Contact is a native cloud contact platform that allows easy remote working. It is deployed on a flexible pay-per-use model thus significantly reducing the total cost of  ownership. Thanks to WL Contact you will be able to handle seasonal peaks : up to 70 000 calls answered in one day for example.


Key features

Our key features provide the maximum freedom for your customers while allowing you to keep an holistic view of the customer, the case and the issues. Boost satisfaction, prevent repetitive efforts and allow data analyses on the entirety of data thanks to WL Contact.

Empowering agents

Our flexible and agile interface allows agents to:

  • Access it on web navigator and adapt it to free-seating mode
  • Manage customers’ requests in mediablending mode with pre-defined routing rules and prioritising parameters.
  • Identify themselves easily, know their status, follow and manage their activity and be informed of the whole centre’s activities thanks to the omnichannel desktop.
  • Follow and treat the incoming calls, emails and chats knowing in advance the customer’s personal information.


Proactive supervision 

From our unified interface, supervisors can:

  • Follow the centre’s activity thanks to customisable dashboards, analyse its efficiency and take reactive actions.
  • Oversee “tree view” entries : dashboard, agents’ follow-up, contacts’ follow-up, skills’ follow-up and  management features.
  • Control the activity and its quality, set up schedules,  display alerts to the whole centre and define instructions. 

Efficient day-to-day management 

We provide:

  • A unique interface that manages all the contact centre’s features and offers an all-encompassing view of the organisation to facilitate and optimise recurrent tasks.
  • Flexible and scalable contact centre modelling and an ergonomic and user-friendly interface.
  • The possibility for administrators to manage all the user profiles, skills and activities as well as the callflows, waiting lines, routing parameters and the functional desktop administration.  


Long term tracking of activities 

WL Contact allows you to:

  • Collect customer data from each solution, stock them and analyse them.
  • Create reports, dashboards and multidimensional analyses thanks to  our customisable features.
  • Access indicators and create and export statistical reports in an autonomous way.
  • Make the most of  the  “call tracking” tool to track all user activities.

Engaging your customers everywhere

WL Contact offers:

  • WL Voice, the IVR feature of the solution
  • WL Chat feature, chatbots, callbots
  • Email management
  • Social media interactions
  • Engagement strategy through the multichannel routing parameters 

Leveraging data

We provide:

  • A database to find information such as answers guidelines and customers’ interactions histories.
  • Knowledge and contacts databases.
  • APIs connections on social media and on the video channel to book an appointment for example.

They trust us



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  • Virginie BESSE

    Sales Manager


    • Is WL Contact available to any organisation or client?

      WL Contact is available to organisations of all shapes and sizes operating in any market. WL benefits from its extensive experience in a wide range of business areas and can assist and support the configuration of WL Contact accordingly.

      In what ways can your solution be linked to our contact centre ecosystem?

      Worldline is experienced in managing interfaces with various products available on the market, particularly with regards to Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Workforce Management (WFM).

      WL Contact takes an open approach to integration with CRM systems and can integrate with any third-party application via APIs and Web Services. This is because Worldline has developed WL Contact as an open platform, enabling both simple integrations as well as complex server-side integrations. This ensures that the solution provides the relevant information to the agent to optimise utilisation and efficiency.

      WL Contact can also integrate with various solutions on the WFM software market, enabling seamless forecasting and scheduling operations so that server-side integrations are fully transparent to the end-users of Workforce Optimisation (WFO) tools. The solution also enables the commonly used adherence features for a close monitoring of the resources’ occupancy.

      Does the solution support remote working?

      The solution can support agents working from any location, including from home. WL Contact is a CTI-less web-application with no software requirement. Worldline’s clients used the solution extensively during the COVID-19 pandemic to allow home working. One contact centre in the UK moved from an almost exclusively contact centre-based operation to a fully homeworking one over a weekend with WL Contact.