A Conversational Platform to future-proof your customer experience

In just a few years chatbots, or virtual assistants, have gone from being a trend to being a must. Chatbots can interact with your customers 24/7, quickly answer millions of questions in a multitude of languages and be active on multiple communication channels like Livechat, WhatsApp, Messenger, Twitter smart speakers, callbot - all at the same time.

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Our WL Conversational Platform offers you endless possibilities and creates
effortless experiences that bring customers back again and again.


Easy conversational admin interface for optimal customer support

A virtual assistant with an easily manageable interface and no coding required. Your agents learn to manage it after just a few training sessions. Once your knowledge base is built, train your bot, connect it to your tools and create a personalised journey for your customers.

Our integration allows you to easily and quickly add chatbots to your website, social media and mobile app to converse with your customers across all channels and give them support on every touch point you have.



A smart bot for personalised support

Whether you have one or several bots, our conversational platform has the ability to automatically redirect the conversation to the right chatbot to provide the best answer.

It can also direct the user to a livechat solution with a human advisor while keeping the history of the conversation. This gives your advisor all the information needed to address the user's issue immediately

You can measure and improve your bot's knowledge base using the dashboard. Find the most important information classified as well as all the statistics and user escalation's data in one place. You can also control the AI performance with intent recognition and correct it directly in the dialogue follow-up of your bot.



Highly performant AI to optimise conversations

We work hard to give your customers accurate and complete answers thanks to a robust topic understanding and an AI-powered intelligent conversation tool, that includes syntax errors & SMS language. We also provide an enrichment tool to save you time on chatbot training. Our WLCP solution can easily integrate with other internal or external applications thanks to a wide range of APIs.


Key features

Optimise your support

Increase capabilities & efficiency of customer services by reducing the number of contacts or calls for simple issues. By providing round the clock support, managing conversations simultaneously and automating up to 90% of interactions you will significantly improve your customer interactions.


Improve workflow and productivity

Ensure a fluid and personalised journey. Contextualisation, semantic analysis and individualisation, via a conversational flow based on a powerful AI. By letting AI chatbots handle simple issues, human employees get more time to focus on complex operations and are more productive.


Enhance your customer experience

Improve company’s image by offering a strong digital presence on different channels such as social media, apps, website & many more. Play a speech adapted to your business and give your customers what they expect.


Measure & increase satisfaction

Measure the performance of your conversations through conversation analytics and customer feedback. This allows to continuously improve and optimise the conversations , increase performance and keep the customer engagement growing.


They trust us

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    • What is a chatbot for ?

      To engage your customer with a great conversational experience

      Is it easy to set a chatbot ?

      Yes. All you need to do is build your own FAQ knowledge base, train it and customise your chatbot solution. You will enjoy our easy interface. AI chatbots engage with customers in an empathic and personable level. They can understand the context and meaning of the words. They can ask questions to create intent and help resolve customer problems.

      How do you train a chatbot ?

      When building your conversations, think of common customer questions. Create answers for a broad range of topics and train your bot. Our WLCP needs at least 2 sentences to get a sufficient understanding of the customer’s intent. Test your question on our interface and see if the answer is correct. Constantly optimise your underperforming answers.