Build great banking apps that your customers will love

Worldline offers a catalogue of mobile banking services to build a unique customer experience.  A banking app that can be used on any device and for any operating system (iOS, Android or Responsive Web Design). Based on an agile digital banking platform, our customizable solution boosts your business in terms of payments, security or bank account management. Capture all of your customers’ digital moments, including Instant Payments.

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Our experience and assets allow us to build first-rate tailor-made banking apps that will satisfy your end users’ needs in terms of  financial services and match your business objectives.





Building your product from A to Z

Our agile team is here to assist you at every step of the app-making process, from the early stages of UX/UI design to the delivery of your product on the app stores.


Staying ahead in a competitive market

New players have set new standards in mobile banking user experience. Our solution offers you the tools to outdistance the competition.

Based on our expertise and Worldline’s assets, we are fully equipped to quickly implement complex and innovative use cases such as instant payments, card management or PSD2 compliancy, secure messaging or x-Pay.

Offering safe interactions

End users expect convenience, instantaneity and security when interacting with their banks. 
We make sure you keep your consumers’ data confidential by protecting your services and conforming to regulation.

Key features


We endlessly work on new use cases and technologies to better fuel your digital transformation and deliver products quickly in line with industry standards.
• Languages: Apple and Google standards : Swift, Kotlin
• Development tools: Android Studio, XCode, Sketch
• Delivery tools: Gitlab, Bitrise, Firebase, TestFlight
Our future-proof architecture sets the foundation of a scalable and secure product that is secure by design, easy to maintain and reduces costs.
We ensure your product is simple, efficient and reliable.
Delivering high value features is in our DNA and we offer a wide range of off-the-shelf assets that allow you to meet constantly evolving market needs and consumer expectations.


We investigate users’ needs, motivations and interests to align them with the context of use and the business strategy.
We build the screens architecture, navigation and interactive elements based on usability best practises.
We design a look & feel adapted to the different devices and displays to provide a flawless user experience and proper operation of the solution.


As threat risks increase we make security our priority. 
Our solutions and products are designed to cover the security needs of all sensitive applications with a specific focus on banking requirements.
We build security into the front-end side, mobile apps included and make sure signing documents, making payments, managing personal data can all be carried out in total confidence whether it is mobile or online banking.
To avoid the financial and reputational costs brought about by security breaches, we’ve also built security into the development process.


Constant collaboration, continuous improvement and iteration at every stage of the app development process is our modus operandi. Our methodology is based on Scrum, an agile framework that is best suited to tackle complex challenges. We are experienced at applying this method on big scale projects to deliver an initial MVP as well as monthly releases.
We deliver a smooth project experience that addresses all your challenges.

They trust us



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  • Nicolas BOUHERET

    Head of Financial Services


    • What’s mobile banking?

      Mobile banking (m-banking) refers to the use of a mobile device to access banking and financial services offered by banks. It enables customers to check their bank account balance, conduct online transactions, transfer funds, pay bills, etc., without visiting banks.

      Is it safe to do online banking on your phone?

      Yes. Download the official banking app, update it constantly, avoid using public Wi-Fi, make sure your bank uses multi-factor authentication and keep your phone close by! However, getting smart about phishing and smishing is a plus.

      How can mobile apps interact with banking systems that are not exposed on the Internet?

      Mobile apps rely on the internet to interact with their back end. In the case of banking apps, this can be a challenge because not all banking systems are exposed on the Internet.

      The industry’s best practice is to deploy a middleware between the mobile and the banking systems. This middleware will expose mobile-friendly API on the internet, while also communicating with banking systems through private networks.

      Through its Digital Banking Platform, Worldline offers such a middleware that is highly suited to the need of the banking industry.