A secure and collaborative digital interactions solution

With WL Trusted Interactions, Worldline equips you with an
easy-to-adopt solution to face this challenge: an innovative
client-advisor secure messaging solution that leverages semantic
analysis, document sharing, team work collaboration and
workforce management to foster relational excellence.

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Retail banking

Because consumers are used to high-end digital services in their daily activities, we support banks in providing them with the same level of digitization : self service capabilities, frictionless and personalised experience and the convenience of using the channel of their choice.


Corporate and SMEs banking

Time is valuable for corporates and they expect 24/7 support from their bank. We provide banks with tailored insights and recommendations delivered through a wide range of digital services.


Private banking

Remote advising has become essential for private bank customers that previously preferred in-person interactions. They still strive for pro-active customised financial advices but digitally, with a major focus on security and data confidentiality. We provide private banks with round-the-clock availability, secure digital interactions and privacy regarding document sharing.


WL Trusted Interactions allows financial institutions to create a relationship of trust with their clients by communicating, collaborating, sharing and signing documents securely with the same smooth interactions as experienced in branches. 



Improve customer care, engagement and trust

Your customers expect to receive the same level of service digitally than in branches. Be reachable anytime and anywhere across a large range of digital channels including self-service. Offer them the facility of exchanging documents easily and securely and to sign them digitally. Measure their satisfaction. Bring a human touch to the process of onboarding your prospects to raise their engagement.



Value your collaborators and shape their experience to increase their motivation

Advisors interactions are crucial for customer satisfaction and trust. We improve their experience with attractive and easy-to-adopt interfaces. The tools included in our solution are in line with your advisors’ needs and maturity. Assist junior collaborators with the help of a moderator when they get overwhelmed , empower mid-carrier ones with IA-powered assistance and give experts the opportunity to share their knowledge. Facilitate collaboration among your team to break down silos.



Boost advisors’ productivity and let them focus on what really matter

With the increasing volume of customers’ incoming requests, your advisors’ efficiency must be boosted. Empower them in their daily work with AI-powered tools to prioritise requests, propose pre-canned answers and, more globally, to answer frequently asked questions. Give them a centralised and contextualised view of customer interactions and the possibility to discuss with multiple-participants : clients, colleagues or even external partners. Keep them informed of changes through notifications and enable them to plan and execute marketing and communication campaigns.


Key features

Secure mailing

Customers connect with their advisors via web and mobile messaging for end-to-end secure communication. Pre-defined answers are suggested to the advisors when answering customer emails, according to the automatically-identified topic.


Project & prospects management

Customers and advisors can exchange and validate documents on specific projects in a dedicated web area.

A prospect can create an account very quickly with minimal identity information and swiftly interact with an advisor to exchange documents and messages. The temporary account can be upgraded to a customer account when needed.


Activity management and control

The customised dashboard enables advisors to focus on the top priority customer requests and highlights late emails. Statistics are collected at every level of the solution to provide bank managers with meaningful insights and reports on usage and performance.


Team work

A single digital customer engagement platform that includes request for assistance, internal chatbot, assignment/delegation, moderation, internal notes, absence management and workload balancing.


They trust us



How to meet the growing expectations of bank customers despite the lack of resources?

This infographic explains how to boost advisors’ efficiency by automating low-stake tasks with AI and focusing human expertise on value-added interactions. 
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WL Trusted Interactions

Restore trust with your customers by leveraging your advisors human skills in their customer interactions. 

Discover our client-advisor secure email messaging solution co-created with Banking Institutions.

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Trusted Customer Interactions : Standing at the crossroad of human and artificial intelligence

This paper examines each customer segments expectations and provides tangible advices on how to best meet them through a business case..
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  • Lisa Hennebelle

    Product manager of WL Trusted Interactions, specialised in digital customer interactions for international banks and insurances companies.


    • What’s the idea behind Trusted Interaction?

      With the rapid advances in the AI technologies, we help banks to stay relevant, all the while future proofing their technology investments

      How important is digital interaction?

      Banks that have truly adopted a digital interaction approach are offering far better service, gaining more customers, and extending the gap between themselves and their competition.

      The key lies in finding the right balance between human and digital interactions. It should not be seen as separate experiences but as integrated parts of a customer journey to create a single, powerful, integrated experience.

      How is Trusted Interactions implemented?

      It can be implemented on cloud or on-premise according to your needs.