Identification and Authentication: The right balance between user experience and security

Guarantee security at each stage of your digitalisation journey

With the rise of online payments, identification and authentication have become even more important to prevent fraud. Worldline is there to support you with a wide range of products that will help you to ensure the identification and authentication process.

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Value proposition

The digitalisation journey of users is based on two main subjects:
identification and authentication.

Identification starts at the beginning of the journey, during user enrolment. This first stage consists of the user registering on a website, having to prove their identity, then choosing the most adapted authentication. 

On the other hand, authentication is the process that has to be followed every time a sensitive operation is required. The user then has to authenticate with Multi-Factor Authentication and can access the online service only if authentication is validated.



We can support you across the whole value chain of the Digital Identity process: from identification to authentication and fraud detection.


Our Digital identification and authentication services:

Protect all sensitive operations (PSD2, eIDAS,…)

WL Trusted Authentication ›

Protect your online services from unauthorised access with strong customer  authentication solutions for all devices

WL Digital Security Suite ›

Protect your fleet with local and remote protection of your devices. Enable adaptive authentication methods and enrolment with our device eligibility scoring.

Digital Identity ›

We empower our clients in their digital transformation with Trusted Digitization Services (identity, signature and preservation), allowing end-to-end digital transactions in a fully secure, and compliant way.

Biometrics expertise

Improve customer experience with biometrics authentication (face recognition, fingerprint behavioural, voice recognition, ...) 


Secure e-commerce transactions (3DS Secure,…)

WL Access Control Server ›

Fraud prevention for e/m-commerce implementing 3D Secure and strong authentication.

Risk-Based Analysis  ›

Artificial intelligence tool based on an analysis of past transactions to improve fraud management.

Directory Server

Interconnect Issuers and Merchants in the 3D-Secure ecosystem and interact with efficient fraud detection tools to improve frictionless transactions rates.  




Our services are fully compliant with the regulations : eIDAS, PSD2 and the SCA principle, for example. In addition, there are local and international regulations, standards and protocols such as EMVCO that we are committed to. All of this to prevent fraud and preserving the user experience.


Our solutions are adaptable to your needs. For example, our WL Trusted Authentication solution is suitable for all channels and devices. Moreover, this solution offers a wide range of authentication factors, such as multi factor authentication to reduce the chances of data breaches. We also have our WL Access Control Server solution which offers great flexibility with back-office options.


Innovation is one of our priorities at Worldline. Many projects are being developed to offer you the best service in terms of user experience. There is a new system of authentication (with biometrics: behavioural biometrics, for example) and artificial intelligence to allow you to calculate the risk of a transaction.


Use cases

Digital Identity illustration

Digital Identity illustration

Digital Identity illustration



Financial Institutions

3.1 BN+

Authentication per year




Enrolled trusted device

“We chose Worldline for its capacity to process industrial-scale transaction volumes. We have started developing an innovative digital identity product with Worldline, which will be ready by middle of 2021. During the past 15 years, we have multiplied transactions and expanded our digital product variety together with Worldline thanks to our trusted partnership.”
David Ostah
Managing Director at PSA Payment Services Austria GmbH

“As a payment card issuer, BuyWay had to implement a solution to secure its customers' internet payments. This solution had to meet the technical standards specified by the supervisory authorities and, in particular, include a two-factor strong customer authentication solution. Together, we were able to design a technical solution that is perfectly integrated into the various systems and processes for authenticating and authorising transactions.”
Vincent Mercenier
Head of Compliance at BuyWay


Digital Identity

With the digitalisation of services, digital identity becomes a necessity. Worldline has developed a digital identity solution that enables authentication and sharing of identity attributes in a completely secure manner. Our solution is adaptable to different use cases: financial institutions, governments, transport, retail, health, etc. 

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How to offer maximum security to your customers with strong authentication?

In this infographic, we will present main insights and challenges for banks and merchants to comply with the ongoing regulation around Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) which will come into force on 14 September 2019.
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How banks can build trust in a PSD2 world

In this whitepaper, we will focus on one of the biggest issues for banks – the new regulations around Strong Customer Authentication (SCA). 
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EMV 3-D Secure 2.0

A new era in strong customer authentication.
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To reach full adoption, eID means must be trustworthy, seamless, cross-border and convenient

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eID and trust services play a key role in meeting regulatory obligations in the financial sector

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Should there be a PSD3 to really open the market?

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  • FAQ

    • What is the difference between identification & authentication?

      Identification is the first phase during user enrolment. The user has to register and prove his identity. Authentication is the process that takes place at each sensitive operation, the user must authenticate with the factor the user has chosen during enrolment ( PIN, biometrics, and so on).

      What are the authentication factors?

      You have three authentication factors : 

      • Factor of possession is what I own like my phone.
      • Factor of knowledge based is what I know like my code PIN or password
      • Factor of inherence is what I am like my fingerprint