Identification and Authentication


Guarantee security at each stage of your digitisation journey

The growing number of online services – such as payments, online banking and, digital identity – provides users with immediate, universal access to services that meet their daily needs. However, this progress also entails risks – as there has been an increase in fraud cases related to identity theft or reuse of the same password for several services. In this context, it is crucial to seamlessly identify new customers online, and to be able to authenticate them without friction at each stage of their journey - whatever the channel and whenever they want to do a sensitive operation.

To mitigate these risks, service providers, governments, and banks must offer appropriate tools for securing their digital services and customer transactions.

You can rely on us to provide all your customers with secure access to your online services while ensuring compliance with all international and local regulations. Our reliable and industrialised solutions - ranging from identity verification to strong and trusted authentication - will guarantee security at each stage of your digitisation journey.

Identification and authentication portfolio


We can support you across the whole value chain of the Digital Identity process : from identification to authentication and fraud detection.  We currently process billions of transactions each month for more than 70 issuing banks across the globe.

Our identity and authentication services

Trusted Authentication

Protect your online services from unauthorised access.  

Access Control Server

Implement 3D Secure and strong authentication for e/m-commerce.  

Mobile Intrusion Protection

Protect your fleet with local & remote protection of your devices. Enable adaptive authentication and enrolment with our device eligibility scoring. 

Authentication Process Management

Smart authentication process management with a consistent customer experience for each use case. 

Biometrics expertise

Improve customer experience with biometrics (face recognition, behavioural, voice recognition, …) 

Digital Identity

We empower our clients in their digital transformation with Trusted Digitisation Services (around Identity, Signature and Preservation), allowing end-to-end digital transactions in a fully secure, and compliant way.  

How banks can build trust in a PSD2 world

This whitepaper focuses on one of the biggest issues for banks – the new regulations around Strong Customer Authentication (SCA). We explore how banks can go beyond simple compliance to build trust and create a smooth experience for all their customers. Don’t miss the insights provided by this whitepaper for banks!
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How to offer maximum security to your customers with strong authentication?

In this infographics, we will present main insights and challenges for banks and merchants to comply with the ongoing regulation around Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) which will come into force on 14 September 2019.
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Expert view on EBA Guidelines

Strong customer authentication is the key requirement of EBA Guidelines because it is the most efficient measure to fight against fraud, reinforce trust and protect sensitive data.
How to handle EBA Guidelines on internet payment security to prepare for PSD2?
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A new era in strong customer authentication

How to improve the optimum security level in the apps used in e/m-commerce and, in parallel, encourage the adoption of security measures for e-Commerce? Learn more about EMV 3D-Secure 2.0.

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