WL Access Control Server

A complete authentication solution to prevent fraud and create a smooth user experience

With the increase in  online payments and the risk of fraud, it is becoming more necessary than ever to provide an Access Control Server to tackle fraud and preserve the user experience.    WL Access Control Server is a PCI-DSS & PCI-3DS solution that enables issuing banks to manage 3-D Secure processes and authenticate their cardholders during online payments.

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Value Proposition 

Issuing bank


WL Access Control Server offers a complete solution while supporting a large number of  authentication methods. 

Our solution can be implemented by different types of issuing banks such as traditional banks, neobanks and fintechs. 

Our main benefits

Secure, complete and adaptable solution


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Financial institutions 

2 BN+ 

authentication transactions per year



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Authentication management

WL Access Control Server offers a smooth user experience. Our solution is fully adaptable to any payment card transaction. Thanks to the RBA rules engine, banks decide whether a frictionless option can be applied in a low risk situation. On the other hand, when the risk is higher, a strong customer authentication will be triggered.

Moreover, a large and flexible choice of authentication methods is supported including OTP SMS with password, Out of Band on smartphones as well as biometrics, FIDO authentication, browser binding and various local methods.




Compliance with all regulations and schemes 

WL Access Control Server is fully compliant with PSD2 regulation and is EMV 3DS certified. It is also compliant with VISA Secure & Mastercard Identity Check card schemes.

Of course, our solution is also fully adaptable to local regulations and  schemes to meet our clients' needs.

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A powerful back office tool 

WL Access Control Server offers a powerful back-office tool to manage activities in a  completly autonomous way. Thanks to this tool, you can supervise the card issuers and their transactions, define rules, create reports to follow PSD2 rules and assess KPIs schemes.


Key features of WL Access Control Server

Rules Management 

A complete solution that provides a common authentication platform that is PCI DSS compliant and manages authentication workflows for all use cases. 

Our offering provides a rules management system to implement PSD2 exemptions and RBA rules for banks. 

Back Office tool 

Our Back Office is composed of several elements such as:

  • Administration & monitoring tools 
  • Workflow management 
  • Activity monitoring 

Thanks to these elements, banks have complete control of the transaction processing and follow-up. 

Cardholder portal

This portal allows banks to enrol & manage cardholders in an online banking system.

The portal is entirely customisable and provides, via a web-based application, an interface for cardholders to  manage their trusted beneficiaries & register their authentication credentials to carry out 3-D Secure transactions.

Risk Management 

We offer an artificial intelligence tool that analyses the real time scoring of transactions to fight fraud. 


WL Access Control Server is fully compliant with PSD2 SCA, PCI DSS, EMVCo 3-D Secure, GDPR and accessibility for disabled people regulations. It is also compliant with the principal card schemes VISA Secure & Mastercard Identity Check.  

Moreover, our solution is fully adaptable to local regulations and local schemes to meet the needs of our clients. 

Quality of Service

WL Access Control Server is hosted in bi-site bi-active architecture. This allows us to provide our customers with high-quality performance &  service continuity for production.

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  • FAQ

    • What is 3D-Secure?

      3-D Secure is a security protocol to protect online payment transactions. This protocol implemented from merchant to issuer, secures the transaction by adding an authentication phase ahead of the authorisation process.

      What is an Access Control Server?

      The Access Control Server enables issuing banks to manage 3D-Secure processes. This server aims to prevent fraud by keeping in mind the user experience. For each online payment, Access Control Server will determine the risk of the transaction & in light of the result propose the adapted authentication method.