Protect your business and reduce fraud from smartphones

Whatever your business, you need to protect it. Nowadays, smartphones are the preferred user endpoint. These devices are subject to many threats due to their high connectivity, the sensitivity of the current use cases available, and a lack of good practice on how to use them in a secure way. So you need to protect your mobile application and its data, in transit, at rest and during processing.

Our WL Mobile Intrusion Protection service provides local and remote protection of the mobile application you provide to your customers, helping to reduce fraud from smartphones. It is available for all smartphones, but protection can also be applied individually and updated for any new kind of identified fraud.

Banque & Innovation 2018 Award

Our WL Mobile Intrusion Protection solution has been awarded by Banque & Innovation 2018. 


  • Protection of applications

    • Obfuscation
    • Secure build of the application

    Protection of data

    • Secure storage
    • Encryption
    • White-box cryptography
    • Secure display
    • Secure entry with dynamic virtual keyboards

    Protection of communication

    • Secure channel
      • Certificate pinning

    Detection of intrusions

    Detection of intrusions and device eligibility based on a large range of sensors and security policies that can be directly configured for each smart phone:

    • Anti-tampering
      • Anti-instrumentation

    Self-adapting solution

    Self-adapting solution for the automatic fine-tuning of security policies and on behaviour of fraudsters

Value for our clients



  • Compliant with European regulations on the personal data protection
  • Protects end users from attacks and fraud, like hacking of sensitive data
  • Easy to configure, it allows dynamic fine-tuning of security policies directly on smartphones
  • Increases customer trust and promotes the adoption of mobile services
  • Adapted to all markets, especially when sensitive use cases are digitalised: payments, digital identity and strong customer authentication, transportation, healthcare, …

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