Comply with PSD2 and unleash the potential of the API economy

The revised Payment Services Directive (PSD2) has removed the market barriers and accelerated the need for differentiation in a competitive and globalized banking industry. Nowadays, the first challenge of banks as Account Servicing Payment Service Providers (ASPSPs) is to open up regulatory APIs to authorised Third-Party Providers (TPPs) in order to meet legal requirements. Besides managing the Payment Service User (PSU) consent and ensuring the access to the desired service, the ASPSP is also expected, in particular but not only, to manage the TPP community and follow up updates on regulatory requirements and API standards.

As one of the leading Open Banking providers we already equipped more than 30 financial institutions with a PSD2 compliance module, enabling them to effortlessly meet the regulatory requirements and develop their Open Banking strategy while managing the risks and mitigating uncertainty.



  • Comprehensive API Catalogue

    Manage the bank's services through an API catalogue, compliant with European standards – enriched with FinTechs and Worldline services

    Third Party Providers Access Control

    Secure the access of "Third Party Providers" by checking their agreement with European registers

    Customizable Developer Portal

    Manage the developers community through a customizable portal

    Transaction Lifecycle Management

    Manage authentication and end-user consent as well as exemption rules, fraud and dispute, and format system information according to standards

    Regulatory Metrics Tracking

    Provide metrics to be presented in the official reports required by the regulator

    API Customization and Monetization Capabilities

    Ensure a good return on your regulatory investment and take control of your Open Banking strategy

Value for our clients

  • Remove the burdens of compliancy for ASPSPs while providing additional services to simplify related processes
  • Develop the necessary capabilities on top of the core banking system with minimum impact
  • Develop new revenue streams by monetizing data, developing extra services with TPPs or even becoming one of them
  • Ensure security by controlling TPP identity, protecting user data, and collecting formal consent from the end-user on related operations
  • Cope with data traffic volume uncertainty and offer ‘real-time’ responses to TPP requests
  • Benefit from regular updates and from our analysis of yearly regulatory changes 

They trust us


How we can help you

Regulatory compliance

Be compliant on time (3 to 6 months deployment) and benefit from automated regulatory updates


Control TPP identity, protect data and collect formal consent from the end-user on related operations


Leverage your own assets or use our optional modules for SCA, fraud or dispute


Benefit from an extensible platform to innovate faster while reducing costs

Integration of FinTechs and TPPs

Deliver new omnichannel experiences enhanced by Worldline’s and FinTechs’ services

New revenue streams

Monetize your services and create a Return On your regulatory Investment

Reap the benefits of Open Banking

XS2A ASPSP-Comply-Interconnect-Reinvent

The challenge of ‘Open Banking’ for financial institutions extends beyond the opening of APIs to meet regulatory constraints and we believe this directive is a strong catalyst for the API Economy in Europe. Facilitating the access to bank data by Third-Party Providers is the most visible part of the regulation, but banks can also benefit from integrating new services seamlessly into their product catalogue or exposing additional APIs to partners.

Our solution is designed to help financial institutions to leverage their existing assets, to develop strong API management capabilities and to integrate their existing services seamlessly through any channel (mobile, web, voice, etc.). 

We empower them to overcome the limitations and constraints associated with their legacy system and therefore accelerate their digital transformation at low cost and with short time-to-market. By improving their overall digital capabilities and enriching their catalogue of services with the services of Worldline and our FinTechs partners, banks can eventually develop breakthrough use cases and capture the customer relationship.


PSD2 compliance

To accommodate the need for strategic and technical advice, we have created a practical whitepaper based on our own research, presenting a short step-by-step preparation guide to PSD2 for banks.

Download whitepaper

PSD2 compliance

This infographic shows the key steps that banks needed to undertake in order to become PSD2 compliant.

Download infographic

Strong Customer Authentication

This whitepaper focuses on the new regulations around Strong Customer Authentication (SCA). We explore how banks can go beyond simple compliance to build trust and create a smooth experience for all their customers.
Download whitepaper

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