Use PSD2 Access-to-Account to empower your strategy

With the implementation of the revised Payment Services Directive (PSD2), the financial landscape is changing in an exceptional manner. PSD2 fundamentally changes the payments value chain, the business models and customer expectations. This directive creates a whole new playing field, where non-financial companies and new FinTech companies simply enter the financial market.

Following PSD2 regulations, banks have published APIs and thus provide access to account to Third Party Providers (TPPs). In this way, new players can access the account information of customers (AIS) or initiate payments (PIS) on their behalf at different banks in one go. Innovation and creativity using these new possibilities are expected to rise, and you can be one of those who’ll lead.

Are you looking for a partner to help you make the most of the opportunities in this new playing field? Our experts have been actively working on PSD2/XS2A since 2014, aiming to help the industry to make PSD2 work in practice. We help banks and TPPs to become compliant providers of XS2A services and enable them to seize the opportunities PSD2 brings along.


Unlock a Future of Opportunities

Whether you are a bank, retailer, telco, fintech or bigtech, insurance company or another type of organization, you can apply for a license to become a TPP and enjoy the opportunities that arise from PSD2.



Besides analyzing and implementing yearly regulatory changes, banks can develop new revenue streams by monetizing data, develop extra services with TPPs or  just become one of them. 


iPSP’s should follow effective procedures to comply with EU regulation. Authorized PSPs can take on the Account Servicing  or Payment Initiating role to provide payment services to customers . 


PSD2 allows third parties to access payment data. The right for data aggregation enables telcos to improve operational capabilities e.g. improving cash management using PIS, AIS and Instant Payments. 


The lending businesses can profit by using the data to verify income and perform an affordability check. This enables lenders to evaluate the loan application in a quick and efficient manner.  

Insurance companies

Insurance companies have the opportunity to develop customer-centric products by accessing customers’ bank accounts and payment information. 


Increased consumer adoption 
of mobile payments and decreased usage of cash offer retailers new opportunities to lower payment fees through the PISP role. 



Reach is one of the core assets our solution offers. Connect just a single API to discover unprecedented and perfectly scalable opportunities for the efficient execution and growth of your business activities!

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PSD2 unleashes a number of business opportunities

Download our infographic or contact us to explore the following client use cases: Instant Payment, Corporate Cash Management, Credit-scoring, Personal Finance Management, Contract Management and Locations based-marketing.
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Learn more about the business opportunities for Insurance Companies by using the new PSD2 Access-to-Account Services

Download the factsheet to get an overview of new opportunities for insurance companies based on the PSD2 regulation. 
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How do Corporates can benefit from PSD2?

Corporates can take advantage of the new PSD2 regulation for optimizing their own internal financial processes and to improve the payment services and processes for their end-customers.
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Your benefit using Access to Account

  • Single access to many banks via one API
  • Reach the main ASPSPs in Europe
  • Easy access to low cost XS2A services – no scheme fees
  • Connected to new ecosystems based on APIs
  • New business opportunities beyond compliancy Fast implementation – ready to use in four months
  • Full support to become a TPP

Your challenges

To seize the opportunities you need to handle the following challenges:
  • How to create the required reach to the different banks in Europe in a smooth and easy way?
  • How to integrate the Payment Initiation Services (PIS) and Account Information Services (AIS) into a competitive end-to-end solution towards your customers?
  • How to deal with the issues related to entering the financial industry (as a non-financial player) and/or deal with the new technology of APIs?

Our solution

With our Access 2 Account TPP services your challenges will be easily met. You can rely on us to provide:
  • Cost-effective reach throughout Europe
  • Extensive knowledge and experience of the financial industry
  • Value-added services from within our organization or via our partnership network

Your benefit

  • Single access to many banks via one API
  • Reach the main ASPSPs in Europe
  • Easy access to low cost XS2A services – no scheme fees
  • Connected to new ecosystems based on APIs
  • New business opportunities beyond compliancy Fast implementation – ready to use in four months
  • Full support to become a TPP

Learn more about our TPP solution

Position yourself as a bank or/and as a TPP. Understand your specific challenges and opportunities relating to your business. 

Read this brochure to find out about our offering and how you can deal with technologies like APIs and provide access to your services in a safe and secure way. 
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Practical step-by-step guide for TPPs

Are you considering to become a TPP? Based on recent market consultations, we know that many would-be TPPs feel uncertain if they should become a TPP and if so, what they need to do to best prepare for PSD2. 
This practical whitepaper helps you to understand the potential positions and roles of TPPs when preparing for PSD2.
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