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Businesses and public service providers are looking for efficient solutions in the digital world for electronic payments. They need solutions that can be easily integrated into their own business processes.

We support business and public service providers to optimise their digital transactions flow with cost-effective, reliable and user friendly routing and brokering services. Our solutions enable them to provide innovative e-payment methods to their customers and work as enablers to make the digital processes more easy and secure.

Our service portfolio consists of four main areas: Account-based Payments, Request-to-Pay, Alias services and Recurring Payments. The different services are delivered using a multi-purpose, state-of-the-art platform.


Our Payment Services

Account-based payments

Optimize the online payment process by facilitating e-payments 

Alias Services

Retrieval of the correct up-to-date IBAN by mapping the mobile number to IBAN 


Supporting the sending of a payment request from the payee to the payer to provide all necessary data for the payment that should follow. 

Token-based Digital Payments

Steering tools for issuing banks  to monitor and orchestrate the token activity related to the 3rd party wallets they support. 

Recurring Payments

Flexible solution that supports the creation and initiation of recurring payments based on SDD (SEPA Direct Debit) 

Stable coin

Using the blockchain technology to enable payment related use case 

Business opportunities for Insurance Companies using PSD2 Account-based Payments

Download the factsheet to get an overview of new opportunities for insurance companies based on the PSD2 regulation.
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How can Corporates benefit from PSD2?

Corporates can take advantage of the new PSD2 regulation for optimising their own internal financial processes and to improve the payment services and processes for their end-customers.
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Unlock the potential of Open Banking

Europe can reform their payments industry by unlocking the full potential of open banking and instant payments.

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Blockchain’s first and most known use-case is in payments - and more specifically permissionless public cryptocurrencies

To correct the fluctuation problem of these crypto-currencies, Worldline explored a “cleaner” approach with permissioned private cryptocurrencies, a.k.a stable coins, for local use like ‘local currencies’ or ‘vouchers’ in Cities, as well as for global use like general purpose digitalised FIAT currencies, or broad loyalty usage.

Other usages of the Blockchain, mostly used to « connect » various non-trusted parties onto a « common business-logic » are also developed. Traceability and payment are ‘inside’ using these « embedded » services, such as cross currency cross border payment. 
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