Towards a trusted digital currency

Stablecoins take advantage of the same peer-to-peer blockchain technology that powers bitcoin. However, the value of stablecoins is pegged to real-world assets such as fiat currency, gold and other commodities, so they hold an intrinsic value and are stable.

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Worldline is one of the first market movers to pilot stablecoin projects in the payment industry.

Worldline’s technology is behind the innovative DaVinci token (backed by gold coins) issued by Global Gold Currency Corp in Switzerland.

Building upon the WL Digital Asset Management platform, Worldline’s stablecoin solution leverages WL Wallet with key capabilities to allow seamless payment and transactions through digital currencies of your choice. 

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5 Economic Implications of Stablecoins

Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC)

Stablecoins issued and backed by the central banks help protect sovereignty of central money and facilitate faster and more direct transactions in the financial industry.

Safe Currency

Pegged to a real-world asset, the stablecoin allows breaking the value of the asset into smaller pieces, which enables day-to-day usage and strengthens the market liquidity.

Event Currency

During major events, stablecoins can protect travellers from weak and volatile local currency, offsetting risks of lack of cash, unfavourable exchange rates, and expensive bank fees.

Local Currency

Stablecoins deployed by local governments can be the facilitator to reward good citizen behaviour, allow transport-as-a-service, and make cities better places to live.

Brand Currency

Using loyalty points as backing for a new stablecoin, currency holders would accumulate and redeem their points at a much wider variety of outlets, resulting in increased volumes and revenue across the industry.


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