Make online trading and order routing easy for investors in a secure and reliable way

A reliable and innovative trading facility that ensures compliance with regulations is a vital asset to gain competitive advantage and market share.

Based on our expertise in online brokerage and large-scale critical transaction processing, our offering is a complete and upgradable solution to reduce the cost of orders on ever more complex instruments. It is an international brokerage platform for equities, derivatives, OTC products, and investment funds



  • Order collection and real-time lifecycle management (execution - cancellation - rejection)
  • Risk control for investors (margin trading, short selling, French SRD, derivatives)
  • Client trade book and market trade book management
  • Routing to markets and brokers
  • Extended reporting features: real-time dashboards, indicators and parameters, high-level customization, compliant with regulations


Value for clients

  • International solution: Multi-market, multi-instrument, multi-currency
  • Global and open brokerage platform for all types of orders: securities, derivatives, mutual funds etc.
  • Monitors activity and risk
  • Efficient administrative tools
  • Compliant with regulations (e.g. MiFID)
  • Scalable state-of-the-art platform
  • Our long-term expertise: more than 20 years’ experience of working with major actors in the European financial markets

Solution overview