Optimize your payment & liquidity management with proven software solutions

The advent of Instant Payments and Open Banking has triggered a major disruption in the market that will redistribute payments from the legacy processing channels. At the same time, regulatory authorities are increasing the pressure on financial institutions to strengthen intraday liquidity management.  Your current organization of payment initiation, processing and settlement is deeply challenged to address all these changes.

We are geared to support the required modernization of your infrastructure with our modular payment & liquidity management software package CRISTAL that fully supports the ISO20022 standard.

Financial institutions using our payment & liquidity software solutions process 15% of high-value payments in euros – that is more than 500 billion euro daily. In the low-value payments market segment, they process more than 2 billion transactions per year.

Our payment & liquidity management portfolio

CRISTAL Mass Payments Highway

The revolution in post SEPA cash management 

CRISTAL Instant Payments

Securely support the various Instant Payment use cases 

CRISTAL Proactive Liquidity Manager

The leading solution for safely managing liquidity and high-value payments 

CRISTAL Target2-Securities

Manage collateral and liquidity arising from securities settlement 

Are you looking for a business process outsourcing solution rather than a licensed software?

Please visit our Payments Processing Back-Office solution page. 

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