Enhance your cash and collateral liquidity management to better serve your customers

The consolidation of European securities settlement has introduced new liquidity management operating model and the associated client services.

CRISTAL Target2-Securities (T2S) provides business efficiency to optimize the cost of liquidity required for securities trading and custody. It supports the implementation of advanced cash management services to clients.


  • Forecast and monitoring of Dedicated Cash Accounts (DCA) positions and purchasing power
  • Monitoring of Central Bank auto-collateralization and Client collateralization
  • Management of T2S cash instructions: liquidity transfers, cash restrictions
  • Comprehensive management of Central Bank auto-collateralization: close links and anticipated reimbursement
  • Comprehensive management of Client credit: limits, securities valuation and reimbursement of Client collateralization
  • Flexible connectivity support: Directly Connected Party (DCP) operations as well as Indirectly Connected Party (ICP) participation modes

Value for our clients

  • Secure the use of your eligible collateral from liquidity forecast
  • Monitor your purchasing power and avoid liquidity shortage
  • Prevent end-of-day penalties by controlling the Central Bank auto-collateralisation
  • Implement value added cash management services for your customers

Anne-France Demarolle, Head of Liquidity Management, Société Générale Securities Services 

CRISTAL enables SGSS to deliver flexible T2S cash services to our customers along with sound management of our intraday liquidity in order to maximise pooling and funding benefits from T2S while securing our daily close of business.