WL Trusted Authentication

Secure your transactions to reduce fraud while providing a smooth user experience

In recent years, especially with the rise in online payments, an increasing range of digitalized sensitive operations has become available to end users. All these online services must be protected from unauthorised access at all times. WL Trusted Authentication is there to protect each authentication for each use case.
WL Trusted Authentication, an innovative solution fully adaptable to your digital strategies!

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Value Proposition

Banks (tiers 1, 2 et 3)
and financial institutions

Banks and financial institutions are often the main targets of fraudsters who have developed sophisticated techniques to attack banks’ mobile applications and their end user data.

On top of that, they need to be in compliance with regulations while implementing simple and fully secure authentication methods.

WL Trusted Authentication meets these needs with a fully SCA compliant solution while preserving the user experience. 


Merchants are faced with the rise in online payment correlated with an increase in fraud.

For these companies, the user experience is very important to build loyalty and increase the conversion rate.

WL Trusted Authentication is committed to offering innovative and simple authentication methods for the user while ensuring high quality of protection.

Public institutions

Public Institutions and enterprises with a large fleet of users (transportation, telecom, healthcare, …) are very aware of cyber attacks and fraud risks.

Therefore, having a fully secure solution for managing the digital identity of users is essential!

WL Trusted Authentication will be able to meet this need with a fully secure and accessible solution to ensure privacy and user data on all types of devices and channels.


WL Trusted Authentication, a passwordless and multi-device SCA solution for all sensitive operations.





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The main benefits of WL Trusted Authentication



The right balance between user experience and security

WL Trusted Authentication has the capacity to provide the right balance between user experience and security by providing a seamless user journey with biometric and transparent authentication factors while protecting data’s users and blocking fraudsters attacks with our security modules.




A solution adaptable to different use cases

One of the main benefit of this solution is that it’s is to be adaptable to different use cases.

WL Trusted Authentication can be implemented in card payments (3D Secure), non-card payments, sensitive banking application (wallet, XS2A, ...) and digital identity

And any sensitive online services which require end-user authentication (transport, retail, e-government, health, industry, media, utilities and so on).





A compliant solution to prevent fraud

Our SCA solution is fully compliant with PSD2, eIDAS, GDPR and EMVCo 3DSecure requirements.

It also integrates multiple simulation, in-app protection, scoring and even more. Thanks to that, WL Trusted Authentication can quickly reduces fraud losses and account take-over.


Key features of WL Trusted Authentication

Multi-factor authentication

WL Trusted Authentication aims to prevent fraud with passwordless authentication. 
It is the reason why our solution offers different authentication factors:
• Possession factor : end user’s preferred device (smartphone, tablet, computer, …)
• Knowledge factor : PIN code
• Biometrics factors : OS biometrics, behavioural, webauthn (FIDO) and external biometrics

Multidevice and multi-channels

WL Trusted Authentication is fully adaptable to every device : smartphone, browser or tablet.  
Furthermore, it is a multi-channel online services solution with an out-of-band method which can operate through websites, mobile applications, call centres or IVRs, point of sales and more.

Multiple integration mode

WL Trusted Authentication offers multiple integration modes: SDK and customisable mobile application and browser pages according to your branding. 

Powerful back office

WL Trusted Authentication provides a back office tool. This tool offers s several capabilities : transaction context monitoring, security policy, administration tools, activity logs, compromission and fleet management. 

They trust us


“We chose Worldline for its capacity to process industrial-scale transaction volumes. We have started developing an innovative digital identity product with Worldline, which will be ready by middle of 2021. During the past 15 years, we have multiplied transactions and expanded our digital product variety together with Worldline thanks to our trusted partnership.”
David Ostah
Managing Director at PSA Payment Services Austria GmbH

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“As a payment card issuer, BuyWay had to implement a solution to secure its customers' internet payments. This solution had to meet the technical standards specified by the supervisory authorities and, in particular, include a two-factor strong customer authentication solution. Together, we were able to design a technical solution that is perfectly integrated into the various systems and processes for authenticating and authorising transactions.”
Vincent Mercenier
Head of Compliance at BuyWay

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  • FAQ

    • What is PSD2 ?

      PSD2, which stands formeans the Second Payment Services Directive is an EU regulation that has the objective of reducing to reduce fraud on online bank’s operations through SCA (Strong Ccustomer Aauthentication).

      This means that In that sense, all the online payment transactions and online banking sensitive operations (such as money transfer or beneficiary adding) MUST be authenticated via a Multi Factor Authentication procedure.

      All the EU banks are mandated to offer a SCA solution to their end -users in order to be compliant with the PSD2 regulation.

      What is Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) ?

      Strong Customer Authentication is an authentication with, at least, 2 independent factors out of 3 different categories:

      • A possession factor : something I own (for example : cryptographic key on my device)
      • A knowledge factor : something I know (for example : a PIN code)
      • An inherence factor : something I am (for example : biometrics)

      All of this in order to protect end users from fraud while having a smooth user experience.

      What is WL Trusted Authentication ?

      WL Trusted Authentication is Worldline’s SCA solution which is fully compliant with PSD2 and eIDAS to protect all sensitive operations whatever the use case.

      It provides an easy way to implement SCA on all devices through an intuitive user interface.

      Moreover, WL Trusted Authentication offers different authentication factors such as PIN code, biometrics factors, transparent possession factors, FIDO Webauthn and more.

      All of this with the aim to suit your digital strategy.