Protect your online services from unauthorized access

Banking is increasingly provided online, with a large range of digital services available to end users. Online services must be protected from unauthorized access at all times in the best possible way. Our WL Trusted Authentication solution provides banks with an easy way to implement this Strong Customer Authentication on smart phones or computers, with a very simple and intuitive user interface.

Our WL Trusted Authentication solution is fully compliant with PSD2, and eIDAS requirements. It provides multi-factor authentication with device fingerprinting, PIN code, or biometrics (fingerprint, face recognition, behavioral, …) and is flexible for the implementation of new features, to adapt to the constant evolution of smartphones or new authentication principles and regulations.


  • Multi-factor authentication

    Possession factor: end user’s preferred device (smartphone, tablet, desktops, …)
    Knowledge factor: PIN code
    Biometric factor: fingerprint, facial recognition, behavioral

    Multi-channel online services, for

    • Websites
    • Mobile applications
    • Call centers or IVRs
    • Point of sale...

    Multi-use cases

    • Card payments (3DSecure)
    • Non-card payments
    • Sensitive banking applications (wallet, XS2A, …)
    • Digital identity
    • Any sensitive online services which require end-user authentication: (transport, retail, e-government, health, industry, media, utilities, etc.)

    Regulation compliant

    • PSD2
    • GDPR
    • eIDAS

Value for our clients



  • Secure all your sensitive use cases with one-single solution (3D Secure payments, non-card payments, non-payment transactions, access to account, …)
  • Simple to implement with different modes to adapt to your digital strategy
  • A consistent and user-friendly interface, adapted to any devices
  • Unique combination of security features
  • Can quickly reduce fraud losses and account take-over

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WL Trusted Authentication

Discover the omnichannel strong customer authentication solution that provides a secure and frictionless user experience.

Our solution is available on browser as well as on mobile.
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How to offer maximum security to your customers with strong authentication?

In this infographics, we will present main insights and challenges for banks and merchants to comply with the ongoing regulation around Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) which has come into force on 14 September 2019.
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Expert view on EBA Guidelines

Strong customer authentication is the key requirement of EBA Guidelines because it is the most efficient measure to fight against fraud, reinforce trust and protect sensitive data.
How to handle EBA Guidelines on internet payment security to prepare for PSD2?
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