1-Click Card Issuing Processing

Are you looking for support in designing card payment products and ensuring smooth card issuing?

We provide a solution that will help you attract new customers, increase card usage for existing ones, improve customer experience and optimize your issuing effort.

WL 1-Click Card Issuing Processing provides issuers with a real-time card management solution that includes all core services needed to start issuing card products quickly. What’s more, it allows you to easily plug-in value-added services. WL 1-Click serves issuers with small and medium card portfolios that seek for quick time-to-market.

You can benefit from a wide range of advanced functionalities that cover multiple use cases. Make your life easier with our solution, which is multi-product, multi-language, multi-currency, multi-scheme and supports all payment types, including contactless, virtual cards, in-app payments, tokenization and others.


Customer Digital Journey

Virtual Card
Card Control
Installment Plan

Core issuing

  • Issuer setup

    Issuer setup includes definition, configuration and the setup of the issuer with the hierarchy structure and relationship as in the portfolio product definition.

    Card data & PIN

    In order to enable issuers to offer physical cards, we provide an interface towards the largest card embossing companies. As additional option, we work together with embossing partners. This partnership allows you to skip a separate contract with an embosser, as we can do it on your behalf.

    Card lifecycle

    We support the entire card lifecycle, consisting of card ordering / renewal / replacement, PIN generation (first issue / reminder), card activation / block / unblock functionalities.

    Customer account management

    Customer account management includes customer definition and related information such card account setup / update / closing, fee calculation and posting to card account and account information update.


    Our authorization system WL Pay Front Office provides all the functionalities for managing card authentication and authorization:

    • Online to issuer via a standard interface with the issuer (ISO 8583 and API)
    • On behalf authorization
    • Stand-in-processing (STIP) for issuers

    Clearing & Settlement

    We take care of the entire clearing & settlement process, including incoming/outgoing messages, settlement & reconciliation, transaction posting, auto-dispute detection


    We provide quarterly reports for Visa or MasterCard. In addition, we offer data extraction for issuers to build their own reports.

    Issuer Dispute Management

    Our integrated solution supports the full chargeback lifecycle in compliance with card scheme regulations. See customer services for our operational support for dispute.

  • Supporting different types of cards: debit, credit, commercial, prepaid and vouchers
  • Portfolio management flexibility
  • A set of core functionalities as well as rich list of plug-in additional services
  • Proven innovation and roadmap with conclusive product development
  • Full API support and availability for an easy integration
  • Fully digital and real time
  • High quality and scalability thanks to modern technology

  • Industrialized and cost-effective technical foundations
  • Configurable solution
  • Easy to create new types of cards and accounts to expand your offering
  • Smooth migration thanks to proven practice
  • Quick time-to-market
  • Innovation thanks to stable foundation and our partnership with fintech
  • Global operations but with a local team to support you

The real-time, end-to-end solution to all your card issuing challenges

The core services of our solution are designed and developed to ensure operational excellence and continuous compliance. In addition, issuers have the flexibility to - at any time - enhance the core functionalities with additional value-added services to address the specific needs of their clients.
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