Extended Issuing

Are you looking for an extended chain of issuing and issuing-related services?

We support you in whatever need you may have:

  • From digital customer onboarding to full card control
  • From card product self-configuration to product performance dashboards and business analytics
  • From instant card issuing to provisioning into global wallets (Apple / Google / Samsung Pay) and wearables
  • From international scheme license sponsorship to card as a services that includes full card production
  • From real time fraud detection using instant scoring to dispute management

WL Extended Issuing supports it all. We address the most complex card portfolios – be it a new portfolio or migration. We have managed cumbersome issuing projects many times. So whatever your challenge is, we know how to make it work. WL Extended Issuing serves issuers with large card portfolios that require tailor-made approach and customization.


Examples of our digital tools for issuers

With our business intelligence analytics tool you can:

  • get a direct access to your card portfolio data
  • pick variables of your interest
  • build insightful reports with dashboards
All done in an intuitive drag-and-drop way.
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In order to make product configuration easier and faster, we provide you with a tool that enables you to:

  • build new card products by choosing functionalities from an extensive list or copy features from your existing portfolio
  • modify your existing card products by adding or removing functionalities
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Has your customer forgotten the PIN, lost the card or wants to increase the credit card limit? Card lifecycle management tool enables your customer service to help a customer immediately, by using an intuitive interface. We also provide Customer Services

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Manage disputes efficiently by using our tool that gives a clear overview of transactions by card and allows you to create a chargeback immediately.
Our Customer Services can help you to manage your customer dispute requests.

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Supporting different types of cards: debit, credit, commercial, prepaid and vouchers

  • Portfolio management flexibility
  • A set of core functionalities as well as rich list of plug-in additional services
  • Proven innovation and roadmap with conclusive product development
  • Full API support and availability for an easy integration
  • Fully digital and real time
  • High quality and scalability thanks to modern technology


Our experience in migrations

We help issuers to modernise their card-related services, streamline business operations and add a competitive edge in their card portfolios. We have assisted a number of banks in migration services: from platform consolidation to moving to a new target solution.

We offer services in full business process outsourcing model that covers the end-to-end solution and provides a smooth integration with core banking and other solutions. Benefit from our proven expertise and strong delivery capacity in most of the European countries.

Besides business process outsourcing, we offer issuing services in software licensing model too.