Card Scheme License Sponsorship

Are you planning to issue Visa or MasterCard cards? We can support you.

We are a Principal Member of Visa and MasterCard networks. This enables us to act as a sponsor of regulated entities for becoming a supported Associate member of a card network.

Becoming our supported Associate member will save you time and resources. With us being your sponsor, you don’t need to establish and maintain a direct relationship management with the card schemes.

We will enable you to get a dedicated BIN (Bank Identification Number) of Visa or MasterCard. Getting a sub-range of BIN is an option as well – whatever suits your needs best. Since you will be under our license with more issuers, you will benefit from economies of scale for scheme processing fees.

Visa partners for Card Issuance

We are a Visa Partner for Card Issuance for our WL 1-Click Card Issuing Processing solution, in the categories Issuer Processor, Program Manager, End-to-End, Fraud Solutions, BIN Sponsor and Disputes Solutions. 

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As a processing-services partner, we will determine the best issuing option for your company. Both reliable and agile, Worldline tailors the solution to your needs. Outsourcing processing services will help you address today’s challenges.