Prepaid cards and e-vouchers

Open loop or closed loop prepaid cards? Reloadable or non-reloadable? Virtual, plastic or uploaded on Apple Pay/ Google Pay? We support it all. We will be glad to guide you through the process of defining a prepaid product most suitable to your use case.

Use case example

General purpose cards

Alike standard payment cards, general purpose prepaid cards are connected to international scheme (Visa, MasterCard) and are accepted everywhere where the selected scheme is recognized. The cards can be used in-store, online or for withdrawing cash from ATM.

Gift cards

Diverse options: non-reloadable cards limited to a certain merchant, reloadable open loop cards with load limits, restricted loop cards that block / allow some merchant categories, etc.

Electronic meal vouchers

Used by companies to provide their employees with daily budget for meals. Available in closed loop - connected to a specific canteen or a limited selection of restaurants, as well in open/restricted loop – connected to specific merchant categories

Social Benefit cards

Reloadable cards used by government institutions to disburse social benefits such as social allowances, unemployment benefits, childcare funds, etc. Used for targeting unbanked citizens who do not have access to standard banking services.

Our prepaid card processing solution offers an extensive list of parameters and a flexible architecture.
This enables you to design a prepaid product perfectly fitting your customer needs.

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