WL Pay Fraud Risk Management

The WL Global Fraud Risk Management Service Centre provides an advanced set of software solutions, services, methodologies and expertise to combat fraud.

The core of the Worldline fraud management suite includes ‘WL Pay Online Watcher’, ‘WL Pay Fraud Case Management’ and ‘WL Instant Score’ as a licensed offer to our customers.



WL Pay Online Watcher

WL Pay Online Watcher is a real-time fraud detection engine for integration with any payment authorization system in order to reduce the client’s exposure to financial losses in real-time. It has flexible parametrization capabilities allowing clients to control their specific business rules and thresholds for declining suspicious authorization or generating alerts for later review. The performance of this solution is in-line with the strict requirements of high-end transaction processing, minimizing the impact to the overall processing time of the authorizations.

WL Pay Online Watcher scores transactions based on sets of advanced rules or optionally from automated AI model generated rules. The rules incorporate multiple parameters including velocity data on historical data and specific time frames. The rules can use white or black-lists provided from external sources or based on customer requirements and defined on an intuitive Graphical User Interface.


WL Pay Online Watcher




Real-time Fraud Detection and Prevention
Analyze transactions from multiple sources
Rules lifecycle management
All types of cards
Rule Examples & Cases

For one card block high amount bricks & mortar shortly after an e-com 'test' transaction. Trigger a temporary card blocking

Increase risk assessment score by 50 points for magstripe transactions with a chip card at a chip terminal. 

Compromised cards used at a terminal in high-risk country to withdraw high amount. Mark for investigation and decline authorization

Minimizes fraud losses through an online real-time fraud detection and prevention solution connected to the authorization engine. 

Monitors authorization processing based on generic and service-oriented architecture for fraud detection, cardholder alerting or general message. 

Fraud Analysts can define detection rules easily in 'natural language' using a point-and-click Web GUI.  

Proven real-time performance for reliable industrial processing, supported by powerful and flexible rule engine.  

Low operating costs through state-of-the-art technology deployable on open platforms, and a generic SOA interface providing high flexibility to couple loosely with other payment systems and services. 

WL Pay Fraud Case Management

Worldline has many years of experience in actively combating fraud, both as issuing processor as well as acquiring processor. The WL Pay Fraud Case Management module encapsulates our expertise in practical day-to-day alert management and investigation. It supports different user roles and strict data segregation.

The WL Pay Fraud Case Management solution allows an active fight against fraud and contributes greatly to reducing the financial losses or impact on banks and cardholders. It can be interfaced with the dispute management module of a Card Management System.

WL Pay Fraud Case Management    WL Pay Fraud Case Management will:








  • Process alerts generated by Fraud Detection systems
  • Support research and analysis to identify suspicious behaviors
  • Aggregate all information from multiple sources into a singe view (main working tool for all fraud investigators)
  • Generate fraud advices & initiate dispute cycles
  • Support for CCP detection and investigation
  • Keep record of fraud losses as well as potential fraud exposure for each fraud case
  • Monitor suspicios groups ans card clusters
e.g. initiate a dispute cycle Issuer dispute management
e.g. to block a card Card lifecycle management






Alerts generated by Fraud Detection
for investigation

The Fraud case Management process
Identify potential fraud scenario

Check short term activity (e.g. drill down)

Conclusion Decide most appropriate action

Direct contact with customer for clarification

WL Pay Instant Score

WL Instant Score is an advanced real-time fraud scoring component based on Machine Learning (ML) models that include industry-specific optimised features. It analyses online payment transactions against highly tuned ML models that are developed by our fraud Data Scientists and in collaboration with our R&D departments. The models incorporate Worldline’s knowledge and experience in combating fraud and have the inherent capability for continuous automated learning based on the specific target environment.