WL Pay Issuer Back-Office

WL Pay Issuer Back-Office (WL Pay IBO) is a proven card management system that addresses the needs of various types of issuers: incumbent banks, challenger banks and regulated fintechs. It is designed to support the evolving payment card industry standards and respond to the needs of issuers and their end-customers.

Being a critical platform for our card processing business, besides the BPO model, WL Pay IBO is also available as a software license product.

Complementary WL products in software licensing model:

  • WL Pay Front-Office
  • WL Pay Fraud and Risk Management tools



  • Built for industrial processing: multi-language, multi-currency, multi-product
  • International card scheme compliance (e.g. Visa and MasterCard)
  • PCI-DSS compliance
  • Credit, debit, charge, prepaid cards, vouchers
  • Plastic and virtual cards
  • Open Services-Oriented Architecture
  • Loosely coupled services for flexible integration within existing environments
  • Rich catalogue of web-services and other APIs
  • Multi-node distributed clustered architecture at application level as well as database level for High Availability and Scalability


Key features

  • Rules-based configuration through own scripting language
  • Card products and Contract Management
  • Card Management: technology, personalization data, relationship to customers and accounts, activation, renewal, re-issue
  • Customer data management
  • Card and Account issuing fees
  • Clearing processing and Dispute Management support for International Card Schemes