Digital Payment solution for real-time Acquiring, Switching and Issuer Authorization

WL Pay Front-Office is a proven real-time switching and authorization system designed to support the evolving payment industry standards and fulfill the increasing demands of banks, payment service providers, processors, retailers, transportation and telecommunication companies.

As well as being a critical platform for our payment processing business, WL Pay Front-Office is also offered as a license product for clients to deploy in-house.

Major demands for Authorization Platforms

The dynamic and continuously evolving market environment create several major demands for Authorization Platforms. Among others, they need to:

  • Update outdated payment infrastructure
  • Move to broader payment-hub platforms
  • Establish modular implementations and flexible Service Oriented Architecture
  • Create more personalized and targeted services and product offerings 


    Selecting the right partner means looking beyond payment software licensing

Instead of managing all challenges yourself, it may be worthwhile to select a partner to decrease complexity and enhance efficiency. Finding the right partner involves identifying a vendor that can act as an extension of business development capacity – and not merely serve the function as a software provider. Such a vendor partner should be able to take on additional roles, including that of a service provider, a source of relevant consultancy and resourcing, and a procurement aggregator to meet the specific needs and requirements of your business while potentially reducing the degree of overhead and risk.

Our credibility as a global software vendor and service provider is a result of a strong focus on our own reputational risk in the market, resulting in an unchallenged strength of commitment essential to our continued success.

WL Pay Front-Office – One solution for different sector requirements




WL Pay Front-Office is designed to support the evolving industry standards for channels, schemes and card products, to meet consumers increasing expectations regarding increasing card and transaction volumes, fast implementation of innovative functionality and high availability requirements.

  • Main functionalities:

    • Supports all major card types, schemes and technologies
    • Supports all major network protocols
    • Full acquiring, switching and authorization functionality
    • ATM, POS and e/m-Commerce transaction processing
    • Merchant and terminal management
    • Multi-institution, multi-currency, multi-language
    • EMV compliant and PCI PA-DSS certified

WL Pay Front-Office can be seamlessly integrated to other Worldline complementary products.

  • Complementary Worldline products:

    • WL Pay Online Watcher & Fraud Case Management: Real-time Fraud Detection, Near Real-time Fraud Detection, Rules Management, Fraud Case Management
    • WL Pay Issuer Back-Office: Card and Account Management, Transaction Processing & Clearing, Dispute Handling
    • Hardware Security Modules
    • POS Terminals

Value for our clients


Benefit from EU’s #1 processor and our unique deployment flexibility. We support Software Licensing, Hosting, Operational Application Management and Business Process Outsourcing. We also offer any hybrid of our deployment offer to meet our client’s demands.

Our innovative solutions and strong roadmaps are capable of providing clients with new products and services without compromising performance, scale and reliability

Worldline is a committed software vendor who also runs the same software for its business critical processing business

WL Pay provides self-customization, extensive parameterization and integration capabilities for independent development of functional extensions

Worldline has extensive experience in optimizing the use of hardware infrastructures based on our own processing demands for optimal TCO on our platforms

Our clients benefit from our continuous update and compliance with new industry standards for acceptance channels, card systems and card products, PCI-DSS, PSD2

A One-stop-shop for payment processing assets 


More than 4000 TPS | High-performance payments benchmark by Worldline and Atos

To be successful, financial institutions must focus investments on proven and scalable high-volume processing platforms from a capable vendor, with a critical emphasis on efficiency and total cost of ownership over the expected lifespan of the investment.

This paper presents the results of a benchmarking project, demonstrating outstanding processing capability under very high transaction loads....
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