Enjoy the most flexible, reliable and secure clearing and settlement possible

Banks and financial institutions need a clearing and settlement partner that offers fast and steady services. They also need solutions that are future proof and ready for new technological developments and regulatory changes.

As a driving force in the creation of the European Automated Clearing House Association (EACHA), our Clearing & Settlement services are leading in the industry and meet those needs. By complying with industry standards, you will enjoy the most secure and reliable settlement possible. And with our high-capacity system you can reap the benefits of low operating costs and extremely low exception processing.

Our Clearing & Settlement services

SEPA and Domestic Payments

Extend the reach of your payment services  

Instant Payments

Access our flexible platform that goes beyond clearing and settlement 


  • Industrial scale processing providing optimized TCO, including a single fee on existing and emerging payments types (Instant Payments)
  • Modernized always on (24/7) multi-scheme, multi-bank platform supporting a seamless shift from batched to instant payments
  • Fully integrated Instant Payments Clearing & Settlement service, including end-to-end value chain coverage: Payments Processing Back-Office, Multi-Channel solutions, Overlay services such as Mobile Banking and Mobile P2P apps
  • Supporting various liquidity solutions allowing banks optimized liquidity across geographies and payment types

Value for our clients

  • Lower your liquidity risk and improve revenues
  • Benefit from lower settlement account balance with our 30-minute settlement cycle
  • Connect to the whole of Europe through a single point of contact
  • Reduce transaction costs and simplify SEPA compliance

We believe instant payments are going to fundamentally change payments.

Interested in our vision and activities for Instant Payments?
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More about Instant Payments

In order to use our Clearing and Settlement Mechanism (CSM), parties have to meet and adhere to our participant admission criteria.

When not adhering to these criteria, we will suspend or exclude the participant from using the CSM.
Download our criteria (PDF)