A unique modular end-to-end offering for all your Instant Payments needs

The need for speed is generally increasing, and is impacting customer demands. This also applies to payments. Banks and financial institutions nowadays are expected to offer instant payment capabilities. However, the development of real-time processing technology with 24/7 service availability requires huge investments. How do you make a profitable business case?

As a frontrunner in payments, Worldline has been pioneering Instant Payments in the eurozone for the last few years. We have the unique capability to cover the whole value chain for Instant Payments, from payment initiation and channel solutions that directly benefit the end-customer, to back-office processing and clearing & settlement.

Our Instant Payments solutions

  • We provide innovative Instant Payments - Channel solutions with white-label mobile banking and mobile P2P applications and value-added services such as an alias conversion service and real-time fraud detection.
  • Our Instant Payments - Payments Processing Back-Office solution allows banks to offer Instant Payments to their customers without the need to invest heavily in an ‘always available, low- latency’ payment-processing engine. Banks can benefit from economies of scale by using our shared platform and have the security of remaining compliant. We offer this in various delivery models, ranging from a licensing model and ASP model to full back-office outsourcing.
  • Our Instant Payments - Clearing & Settlement service offers pan-European secure, low-latency clearing to all PSPs in Europe.


All our solutions are separate components that can be procured as an integrated offering or as individual components, depending on your needs.

Channel solutions

Instant Payments at your customers fingertips 

Payments Processing Back-Office

Make your back-office ready for Instant Payments 

Clearing & Settlement

Secure, low latency clearing of Instant Payments transactions 

Taking Instant Payments beyond the obvious

We believe that Instant Payments will become the new normal, and that Instant Payments are going to revolutionize the way Europeans pay. At first it will start to develop among individuals for person-to-person (P2P) payments. But ultimately, Instant Payments will be introduced in a wide range of use cases.

Worldline developed four Instant Payment use cases,  from solutions for consumers (P2P and online) and merchants (point-of-sale), up to solutions for corporates (optimized liquidity and cash management).

In this video Mark Munne, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Worldline, explains how Worldline is taking Instant Payments beyond the obvious. He briefly explains some possible use cases: from P2P and online, to POS terminal solutions and corporate cash management. 

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