Reap the benefits of PSD2 and Open Banking

The revised Payment Services Directive (PSD2) has removed the market barriers and accelerated the need for differentiation in a competitive and globalised banking industry. It sketched out the first contours of the incoming ‘API era’, enabling a higher number of European players to unleash the value of banking and payments data and unbundle the banks’ products and services.

Nonetheless, PSD2 is just the starting point of any Open Banking journey. As payment-related services are becoming more widely adopted across the industry (e.g. POS payments, biller direct payment, etc.), there is still great room for innovation (and improvement) and Premium Commercial APIs are offering endless opportunities of API journeys and collaboration between industries. Speed should take up in the coming years with the widening of APIs scope (e.g. credit and lending) and audience (e.g. services dedicated to entrepreneurs and SMEs).

As a pan-European player, we offer a broad portfolio of Open Banking solutions, from Access 2 Account services for banks and TPPs to Premium use cases, empowering banks and third parties to improve their services and underlying processes for end-customers.

We help TPPs to seize new business opportunities opened up by Open Banking services and build out new services leveraging open API connections to bank data and services. Furthermore, we empower banks to explore new economic models, by distributing niche financial products and aggregating external data to orchestrate richer digital experiences.

Our Open Banking services

Access 2 Account Bank Services

Cost effectively comply to PSD2 requirements 

Open Financial API Services

Accelerate innovation by using open APIs 

Access 2 Account TPP Services

Use Access-to-Account to empower your strategy 

Our Open Banking use-cases

We have created more than 10 different use cases, allowing clients to quickly and effectively create new digital experiences for their customers. 

Personal finance management

Provide meaningful insights to end users to support them to follow, forecast and optimise their financial situations and propose them the best options to finance their personal goals. 

Cash management

With our open banking platform companies of any size can instantly know how much cash they have, forecast more quickly, and manage funds efficiently and effectively.

Credit Insight

Perform a credit check in real-time and benefit from higher conversion rates, lower costs, reduced default risk and an easier & shorter processing time 

Green banking

Make end users aware of their environmental impact by leveraging their banking data and offering them alternatives to adopt more sustainable behaviours.

Account-based payments

Offering user convenient and cost-effective new payment method by using credit transfers from bank accounts.


Supporting the sending of a payment request from the payee to the payer, to provide all necessary data for the payment that should follow. 

Recurring Payments

Flexible solution that supports the creation and initiation of recurring payments based on SDD (SEPA Direct Debit) 


Do you rather believe in SuperApps or in invisible banking?

Extend your customers’ experiences beyond traditional financial services, both inside and outside your existing channels, through the orchestration of ecosystems (BaaP) and the publication of premium APIs (BaaS).

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Request to pay is gaining momentum thanks to Open Banking and PSD2

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Worldline becomes one of Europe’s leading Open Banking providers

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Michael Steinbach, CEO at Worldline

As a pan-European player we think ahead and respond to the opportunities offered by European legislation. We have also done that for PSD2. That is why we can now support our clients, when they want to seize the opportunities that Open Banking brings them all across the European banking landscape, so they can be ahead of the competition thanks to the unique reach and industrial scale of our PSD2 offer