Accelerate time-to-market and maximize your processing efficiency

Cash management in the post SEPA era has set a focus on improved business agility at reduced cost in response to more and more demanding customers.

CRISTAL Mass Payments Highway (MPH) is designed to maximize processing efficiency in order to transform the industrialization concept into reality, including secure zero default processing. In addition, its built-in flexibility provides the required business agility to face the current challenges in cash management. It enables banks to meet time-to-market acceleration now that SEPA enters a phase of innovative instruments and use case development.


  • Native XML technology to process SEPA payments
  • Format agnostic to support payments from various origins
  • Validation, routing and distribution of payment files or instructions
  • Comprehensive connection to CSM for interbank exchanges and synchronisation
  • Process Oriented Design for quick implementation of new contracts and services
  • Re-usable business services to tailor processing at customer level
  • Setting of the Service Level Agreement according to customer demands
  • 80 million transactions per hour on small infrastructure: the fastest payment engine of the market
  • Predictive management of performances & payment flow processing

Value for our clients

  • Enhance your cash management services
  • Simplify your operations and change management processes
  • Improve your service customization capabilities
  • Reduce your time-to-market for new products and new customers
  • Downsize your technical infrastructure and related operating costs
  • Secure your processing elapse and delay cut-offs to your customers