Exchange files and messages via SWIFT in an efficient, reliable and secure way

Access to SWIFT, a secure messaging network used by banks, financial institutions and corporates, is essential for sending and receiving urgent, high-value and international payments.

As a provider of SWIFT bureau services, we enable banks and corporate clients to gain access to the SWIFT network and use SWIFTNet services (FIN, InterAct, FileAct and Browse) as well benefit from our support of your RMA Management and other SWIFT related activities. This enables you to securely transmit payment instructions via SWIFT without having to run SWIFT infrastructure.


  • Tailored delivery of all eligible SWIFT services
  • Intake of your current Swift infrastructure and teams
  • Resilient run of your SWIFTNet services
  • Scalable up to 24 hours of daily service delivery
  • Back-office integration, support and maintenance
  • Functional and technical consultancy

Value for our clients

  • Significantly reduce your current SWIFT cost
  • Execute your strategic business needs with flexibility
  • Off-the-shelf extensions following your commercial plans
  • Fully outsource all technical complexity and administration
  • Outsource your operational risk

Your gateway to everywhere - Market Infrastructures - here we come!

Today’s worldwide backbone of interbank communication is based on the  SWIFT network, ensuring the exchange of financial messages worth trillions of Euros between around 11,000 institutions. Having a reliable partner for your messaging and connectivity requirements opens the door to a rich correspondent banking network and market infrastructures. 
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