Address the complexity and growing competitiveness of the e-commerce world

Businesses and public service providers are looking for efficient solutions in the digital world for identity, electronic payments and e-Mandates. They need solutions that can be easily integrated into their own business processes.

Worldline supports business and public service providers to optimize their digital transactions flow with cost effective and reliable routing and brokering services which enables them to provide multiple e-payments, e-identity and e-mandate methods to their customers as well as the enablers to make the digital processes more easy and secure.

Furthermore Worldline supports banks in operationalizing digital transactions through cost-effective and reliable routing services, in a way that is convenient and fully compliant.

Our service portfolio consists of four main areas: e-Identity, e-Mandate, e-Payment solutions and Alias services. The different services are delivered using a multi-purpose, state-of-the-art platform.

  • Growing need from customers to do business online and real-time requiring easy, efficient and secure on-line identification and payment methods.
  • Utilizing the opportunities in the market for, e-Payment and e-Mandate and e-Identity services.
  • Dealing with the complexity and growing competitiveness of the e-commerce world.
  • The need to play a role in e-commerce, driven by double-digit growth rates.
  • A fast and dynamic e-commerce landscape.

  • If your answer is 'yes', our solutions may just be what you need.

Our Trusted Transactions services


Optimize the online payment process by facilitating e-payments 


Efficient and easy handling of e-mandates in a trusted environment 

Recurring Payments

Flexible solution that supports the creation and initiation of recurring payments based on SDD (SEPA Direct Debit) 


User-friendly, efficient and reliable digital authentication tool to optimize digital processes 

Alias Services

Retrieval of the correct up-to-date IBAN by mapping the mobile number to IBAN 

Value for our clients

  • Reduce complexity of digital transactions and lower cost base in providing these services
  • Satisfy increasing demands from customers concerning digital transactions¬†
  • Proliferation of new technologies and innovations in online transactions¬†