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The digital identity market is growing fast, driven by an accelerating demand from consumers and businesses for digital services – digital services that rely on appropriate identification and authentication strategies. The growth of this market is further fuelled by an array of security, privacy and know-your-customer (KYC) principles stipulated in various legislation and regulations.

No matter if you are a public authority or private business, when you are doing business you need to know who is at the other end of the digital connection. And as an individual you need to know your data is secure and used in an appropriate manner.

With a wide range of Identity Broker, Identity Routing, Identity Provider and Trusted Authentication services, we can support you in handling all challenges related to e-Identity. 


Our e-Identity services

Identity Broker Service

The Identity Broker Service aggregates public and private identities and attributes provided by the different identity providers. This enables identity providers to offer their identity routing service towards the relying parties (public and private service providers) 

Identity Provider Service

The Identity Provider Service is a complete suite to manage the whole life cycle of a digital identity in compliance with the regulations eIDAS, PSD2 and GDPR. 

Identity Routing Service

The Identity Routing Service aggregates bank IDs distributed between multiple banks to one identity scheme. This enables banks to offer their service towards the relying parties (public and private service providers). 

Trusted Authentication Services

The Trusted Authentication Services provide banks with an easy way to implement this Strong Customer Authentication on smart phones or computers, with a very simple and intuitive user interface.  

Digital Identity Services

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The ongoing digitization calls for increased convenience ánd reliability regarding authentication. With our Digital Identity solution, consumers can authenticate themselves on websites by using their bank credentials. Easy, secure and efficient. Interested?

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Secure, simple & seamless digitalization for the public & private sector