User-friendly, secure and reliable digital authentication tool

In the digital world different identification schemes based on the online banking channels have been defined. These schemes allow parties to easily identify themselves towards corporates, merchants or public authorities (relying parties) using their trusted bank credentials. Within these schemes a routing mechanism is required to connect the party that issues the credentials towards the one accepting it. Our services provide banks with an efficient and reliable solution to process digital identity requests.


  • Digital identity routing capability for the online identification scheme of banks
  • Self-service portal and test services for the onboarding corporates, merchants and public authorities (relying parties)
  • Online bank approval module
  • Online reporting module for relying parties
  • Optional customer support services and full-service branding 

Values for Banks

  • A user-friendly, efficient and reliable digital authentication tool that enables relying parties (service providers like merchants or public authorities) to optimize their digital processes and increase their turn rate
  • New revenues from digital identity services provided to merchants, corporates and payment service providers
  • Minimal effort for the relying parties (service providers), as optimized integration is based on standardized APIs
  • Maximum support for relying parties, thanks to a self-service portal and integrated test functionality
  • Use of a trusted, secure, fully compliant network with 24/7/365 availability
  • Maximum reach through connection online identification schemes of the banks

Digital Identity Services

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The ongoing digitization calls for increased convenience ánd reliability regarding authentication. With our Digital Identity solution, consumers can authenticate themselves on websites by using their bank credentials. Easy, secure and efficient. Interested?

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