Optimize the online payment process by facilitating e-Payments

In the online world a growing need is for a seamless and secure electronic payment to optimize the customer experience and increase conversion rate. The processing of such payments need to take place online, real-time, 24/7 all year around, in a safe and secure way.

Our e-Payments solution provides services for the main online payment schemes in Europe and enables easy integration with corporate customers or public organizations.


  • E-payment routing capability for the iDEAL scheme in the Netherlands
  • Self-service portal for the onboarding of corporate clients and service providers
  • Test service for corporates and service providers
  • Online bank approval module
  • Validation service for banks
  • Online reporting module for corporates and banks
  • Optional customer support services and full-service branding (bank)

Value for banks

  • Banks’ corporate clients can use the online payment method within their websites to optimize the digital user experience and conversion rate
  • Minimal effort for banks to integrate the solution
  • Maximum support for the banks’ corporate clients and their service providers, thanks to a self-service portal and integrated test functionality
  • Use of a trusted, secure, fully compliant network with 24/7/365 availability